We all experience the world through our own senses and filters.  We can talk with others, and read, in an attempt to learn how they view the world.  But we can never really know.  We can't truly realize the experience of another, or, if we can, it's only briefly and in a narrow way.   Since I was a young teen I've often been preoccupied with sex and women.  For the most part I've managed it well.  I've never been aggressive or disrespectful.  It's just that things sexual can lead me around and color the way I view things.

   I see a woman that I deem attractive and I don't actually undress her in my mind but I do wonder what she's like sexually.  I do wonder what she'd feel, smell, taste and what sounds she might make when being sexual.  Sometimes my musings are only general but sometimes quite specific.   My attention is not always drawn to the conventionally prettiest woman around.  Though I no longer can test my "radar", when I was young and single I seemed to be able to focus in on the woman in the crowd who would fit well with me sexually.  And I could look at the, perhaps, more plain woman, or more quiet woman, and sense that she was molten yet selective.  I knew some amazing women and am grateful for it.  (I can no longer do this sort of thing because I'm married.  I'm not sure that I could do it if I was single.  I'll never know.)

   But despite all the pleasure and wonder, then and now, I wonder if I'm sex obsessed.  How can I know that?  If I am would I want to work to fix it?  I know that many men and, perhaps, fewer women are unhealthily obsessed with sex.  Where's the line?