You and another person apply for a job. You both have equal knowledge in a particular area. You are tall, have great hair and teeth. The other candidate is also tall, has great teeth but not great hair. The interviewer observes you both, and goes with the awesome hair candidate. Surprised? It’s not his fault that genetics hasn’t bestowed upon them locks that dazzle. But what does science have to say when it comes to features that tend to make us less attractive?

Liar, liar, pants on fire

In a 2006 study, participants were asked to rate men and women on photographs which had descriptions on them. The photos “indicated” who was unintelligent, independent, and finally, who was dishonest. The questionnaire given to respondents included a number of criteria, one of them being attractiveness. As it turns out, though not surprisingly, people depicted as dishonest were rated extremely low on the attractiveness factor. The lesson is: don’t lie, don’t deceive, be honest and kind and you’ll get the the one you want.


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 Smell you later, alligator

No, we’re not talking about the fact that smelling good makes you look better. That’s a given. If you think that your unique body scent makes you more attractive, take a cold shower. Anyway, in another study about human relationships, heterosexual couples were asked to provide information on how much they partner attracts them sexually and how many partners they have had. Meanwhile, the scientist tested and compared their major histocompatibility complexes (MHCs). The results showed that if couples’ MHCs are similar, they will probably cheat if they find their partners less attractive. Opposites attract? Guess so.


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Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

A man who is too happy is a major turn off to women. On the other side, guys dislike girls who are too proud. Apparently, according to a research that included over a thousand people, the aforementioned claims are very much true. However this goes against the study conducted by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, that speaks in favor of happier people, mostly because healthy teeth make us more attractive. A dentist in Chatswood has confirmed that there is a significant increase in cosmetic dentistry in today’s modern society.


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Cold as a cucumber

It has been proven again and again that looking stressed out makes you look less attractive. Why is that? Individuals with high levels of stress hormone a.k.a. Cortisol appear healthier and more fertile. If you are looking for a new partner, you will need to work on your stress management. We all respond to stressful situations in different ways, so try not to copy what works best for others. A good “trial and error” approach will make you see what lowers your stress and what you can do to cope with it. Identifying and removing the sources of stress may only delay the problem. Heed the wise men's words, chill out.

You ain’t no sleeping beauty

You snooze, you lose and other sleep mantras have been telling us to sort out our sleeping routine. And for a good reason. Journal of Sleep by Sleep Research Society gave respondents photos of people who were deprived of sleep for 31 hours. Sounds awful… But hey, everything  for science, right? Anyway, the interviewees were asked to rate the people in the photographs according to various criteria, one of them being (drums): attractiveness. The people who were tired were marked as less attractive and and less healthy.


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The final word

We all do things that make us feel comfortable in our own skin and lead our lives following our rules. If staying late till 3 am playing video games and not using a perfume (though a deodorant is mandatory) makes us happy, then that’s all there is. However, we have to be aware that we are social beings. If we are looking for a suitable mate, we need to take into consideration factors that can make us more attractive, if we are ever to succeed. Of course, there are exceptions, we all know that. Still the general rules apply.