We all have heard the horror stories of local electrical contractors escaping the jobsite after performing carelessly or receiving a deposit. But the question is - are these pitfalls avoidable? How to hire a right electrician in Sydney for your job?

We do agree to find the best electrical contractor near you for the electrical issue can take time. Hence, before you go looking for an emergency electrician; decide what work you want to be done in how much time and how much you want to spend on the project. Just remember, electrical tasks are risky and you want them to be fixed by an authorised, reliable, and professional electrician. So, asking these questions will help you find a qualified & experienced electrician for your property.   

1. Are you licensed to perform your job?

A license is the proof that you’ve been through the necessary education for practicing any electrical work. Any person before hiring an electrician should ensure that the he holds a valid license, insurance, and bonding. In fact, many times it has been noticed that people, often forget to ask the contractors if they hold a valid license to work.

Licensed electricians are reliable, skilled, and have taken formal training on how to deal with any electrical instrument and mishap. in fact to know that your electrical contractor is licensed, ask for some current references from the previous clients. Well, it’s an exceptional way to ensure the electrical contractor is trustworthy.    

2. Are you insured?

An insured electrician is reliable and safe to work with. If an accident takes place during the installations or repairing of any electrical components, the electrical contractor is liable for any kind of damage or monetary benefits to the person who gets injured. In fact, insured electricians protect both consumer and worker’s rights. It’s not mandatory that all the electricians are insured. Hence, make sure to hire an insured electrician only for better safety measures.  

3. What are your estimated rates?

Every electrician has their own rates when it comes to an electrical work. In fact, every project related work needs to be finalised once the entire cost has been decided. As stated, electrical contractor’s charging fees may vary from the other. So before stepping ahead, it’s important to compare more than two electrician’s work and charging rates to make your final decision.

Don’t forget to ask whether the electrician you’re hiring charge hourly rates or not. It matters greatly because if the electrical task lasts for a longer time, it may end up costing more to you. But when the electrician charges per project, you can pay the same price for the task irrespective of the time taken.

4. What is your working experience?

It is well said by someone, “experience is always the best teacher”. You might have the mugged up knowledge, but what if you don’t have adequate experience of implementing it? This should be one of your questions to be asked to the electrician. Working experience of the electrical contractor will prove his expertise in this field. In fact, asking an electrician about the years of experience he has will let you know the amount of knowledge he holds.

After knowing the working experience, you’ll be assured that the electrician knows his craft very well.      

5. Check the references first and then say yes!

A reputable electrician should be able to provide you with at least two customer references for your assurance. In fact, references will prove how reliable and expert he is in his work. You should ask for the e-mail address or the phone numbers of previous customers who can help you take the decision of hiring the electrician or not. Their views will help you verify the quality of his work and customer service.

Remember that good communication with the electrical contractor is very necessary. If you want your electrical task to be the perfect, research and talk with the electrician, ask the questions to clarify your doubts before hiring any. No doubt, selecting a right electrician is a crucial part, no matter whether you just want a small electrical repair or some huge electrical task in your property.