When I was working I spent a lot of time wishing I could be home and do what other women were doing.  I always envisioned myself in a ceramics class, pottery class, sewing and knitting wonderful things.  Oh, and to belong to a book club and attend discussions.  The problem was I was too tired to do any of it.  Then I found myself at home and had the pleasure of getting together with a neighbor and worked on Plastic Canves projects. That was back in the early '90's.  In t he later '90's I went to a ceramics class and made all kinds of things. Mostly Holiday decorations and met two of my best friends at this class.  When I moved to another state I could not find a ceramics class so I tried knitting and croche  and could just not learn.  Garage sales and bingo became my hobbies.  I still feel this need to be creative but when I go to a craft store I just don't know what to buy. " I can't do that" I tell my self as I wonder up and down the ailes.  So, I am hoping members join this group and show what you do. " I want to try that" is what I want to say soon.