What they apparent was that the Eagle’s eye alone assertive UVA & UVB rays, aswell accepted as dejected light. Added spectrums of light, however, were accustomed to penetrate, giving them that unparalleled eyes accuracy they are belled for. And the base of optical Oakley sunglasses technology for amplitude flight was born.

In 2006, afterwards years of research, Eagle Eyes able this NASA-developed technology to accompany polarized sunglasses to the masses. Despite advancing business & infomercial campaigns from competitors, no added aggregation has been able to bout the quality, affordability & akin of aegis that their vision-enhancing technology provides. In fact, they are the alone sunglass lens architect to accept the Lifetime Certification Seal from the NASA Amplitude Foundation for application space-related technology to advance superior of life.

Over the years, I’ve had cheap Oakley‘s, Ray-Ban’s & dozens of $10 sunglasses from the arbor at Walgreen’s. But afterwards putting on a brace of Eagle Eyes for the aboriginal time over four years ago, I was hooked. Aphotic shades never agreed with me because I was consistently removing them as anon it became even hardly blurred so I could see. Eagle Eyes are abundant in all altitude (even active in the rain) and I can’t buck to leave home after them.

What does lens animosity mean? Sunglasses were acutely developed with the purpose of “blocking” out the ablaze from the sun. Polarized lenses do the same, but use a clarification action to in fact let assertive spectrums of ablaze in while befitting others out. Assertive ablaze spectrums (UV, dejected & violet) are adverse to our eyes – Eagle Eyes blocks 100% of these rays. Added ablaze spectrums (green, yellow, orange & red) are what accomplish eyes possible. By acceptance these application in & blocking the others, we see images with abundant bigger adverse & definition.

Why are polarized-lens sunglasses bigger than aphotic cheap oakley sunglasses? Aphotic sunglasses block out all ablaze sources equally. Some do this absolutely effectively, but don’t acquiesce the ablaze spectrums that focus on eyes accessory to enter. Some would altercate that such lenses in fact affectation a greater accident if active than cutting no glasses at all – for the aforementioned affidavit that blacked-out or brave windows are illegal. Eyes is in fact somewhat broken with these lenses. And if skiing, biking, hunting, or boating, the aforementioned risks apply.

What makes Eagle Eyes bigger for all-embracing optical health? UVA and UVB ablaze sources are accurate to breach down the nuclear proteins in our eyes, causing cataracts, macular decline and added accident to the retina. By auspiciously blocking 100% of these ablaze sources, our apparition is adequate & abiding significantly.

How do polarized lenses affect alfresco activities? Whether you are driving, hunting, fishing, skiing, boating, hiking or climbing, polarized lenses will accomplish anniversary of these activities safer and added enjoyable. If fishing or boating, for example, polarized sunglasses acquiesce us to cut through the reflections and see angle & rocks below the water’s surface. Polarized cheap ray ban sunglasses aswell annihilate the blaze from sunlight on wet roads, windshields or added cars if driving. Hunters are able to bigger analyze casualty in the wild. And if skiing, polarized lenses cut down on the sun’s reflections off of the snow.

How abundant will I absorb on Eagle Eyes? Any online seek for polarized sunglasses will crop hundreds of after-effects from Oakley, Ray-Ban, Bolle, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar & others – all averaging able-bodied over $100 per pair. But you’ll acquisition Eagle Eyes at a abundant added affordable amount – a lot of retail for $29 – $69 – and in abundant altered styles for men & women.