OK Boomers from the South (or North I'll listen to any ideas) I'm 58 and I am in a quandary about who do I call what. I was raised to call all the adults Mr. X or Mrs. Y or sometimes if eyerybody else did and I knew them, Ms Betty or Mr. Bob. When do you stop this? Do I still do this if they are say 10 years older than I or if they are an "important person" (elder in church, older lady in neighborhood etc) I once called an 80 year old woman at church Ms. Webb and she very politely but forcefully corrected me to call her Ms. Lavinia.  I was taught very strict rules as a child and young adult but nobody told me what to do as an older adult. For those of you who have never been in the south for any length of time, manners and decorum are VERY important around here. The Four greatest Sins a Lady can Commit" (another Southern female tradition) is another topic for another post