A very dear childhood friend of mine, Nancy (Morgan) Ritter, former wife and actress of television star and comedian John Ritter, certainly has bragging rights for her three very talented and gifted children.
Her oldest son, Jason, who starred in the very popular television series Parenthood and Joan of Arcadia, is joined by his sister Carly, a very accomplished and popular singer-songwriter who obviously shares the genes of her grandfather -- the one and only Tex Ritter.
Which leads me into my next topic. One of the most popular shows on television today is The McCarthys, and I urge all Boomeon users to do yourself a favor and tune in to CBS on Thursday nights at 9:30 Eastern to catch it. It is far and away one of the funniest television shows airing.
The connection? One of The McCarthys bright young stars is none other than John and Nancy Ritters' youngest son, Tyler Ritter. Tyler is like a clone of his dad, John, and his wit and charisma and just pure talent is astounding.
Please watch this program. You will be glad you did.