Your manufacturing units or wholesale stores in Melbourne should be utilizing different types of racking such as cantilever or pallet racking. Utilizing these types of racking will help in increasing your productivity and ensure a safe workspace.

But have you ever thought of protecting the racks? You must understand that if the racks at your warehouse, manufacturing unit or wholesale stores are not maintained and protected properly then it can experience damage and collapse. This will leave you with unwanted loss and damage.


In this case it is important to ensure a good level of protection for the racks by using the right type of safety accessories. It is true that by using high quality and durable accessories, you can extend the life and efficiency of the racks.

Protection Accessories for Pallet Racks:

  • Pallet racking frame column guard, which is floor mounted and foam filled and helps in protecting from truck collisions

  • Racking crash barrier is a safety step around the end of the pallet racking run

  • Pallet support bar that supports load capacity

  • Backstop beam pallet accessory ensures pallets do not fall from behind the racking

  • The fork clearance bar enables clearance below the pallets, which helps for easy forklift access

  • Guide rails allow a forklift to control while moving through the racking aisles

  • Racking frame spacer ensures sufficient space between two rows of racking placed back to back

  • Chipboard support bar reinforces and maximizes the capacity of chipboard panels

  • Mesh shelves are used for storing individual and palleted items


Right Safety Accessories for Cantilever Rack:

  • Bolt on arm lips accessory is used for keeping the products on the cantilever rack. These accessories can be removed and extended, but are not meant for load bearing.

  • Bold on pipe sockets are attached at the end of the arms and secure cylindrical products in place

  • Drop in supports helps in preventing any objects falling through and create an equal distribution of the load

  • Steel Decking is used for storing the shorter items that cannot fit over the arms of your cantilever rack.


You can buy highly durable racking accessories in Melbourne at Ready Rack. By using our top quality rack accessories, you will enjoy great benefits like:

  • Convenient and smooth pick operations

  • Ensure warehouse or storage facility’s safety

  • Prevent unwanted damage due to sudden collapse or damage to the racks

We are competent enough in supplying a range of well built and most durable rack accessories that ensures safety and increases productivity.

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