Are you struggling with a space issue in your bathroom? Want to save space in your bathroom? When bathroom space is an issue then you must consider using an enclosed or concealed cistern for your toilet. Enclosed or concealed cisterns are easy to install and sit-out-of-sight behind a wall or in a unit that is attached to the toilet pan. It is widely found that in UK’s present day scenario, wall-hung toilets and concealed cisterns have become the first choice for modern designer bathrooms.


What is an enclosed or concealed toilet cistern?

A concealed cistern is a toilet cistern that is hidden away within wall cavities, ceilings and bathroom vanities. One can find wall-hung toilets and enclosed or concealed cistern concept in UK’s shopping mall bathrooms because it saves space and provide easy access to flush. The concept of enclosed or concealed cistern supports an easy way to disinfect around the pan without facing any kind of hassle and interruption. It proves to be an innovative solution that includes a number of benefits aside from the obvious space and hygiene.


The enclosed or concealed cistern is built into the wall, which reduces any kind of noise created that offers an ideal solution for attending nature call at 3am. All built-in cisterns are designed and well built to withstand up to 400 kg weight (even if the toilet pans are wall-hung). This proves to be the biggest advantage over normal standing toilets. The actuator plates on flush panels of an enclosed or concealed cistern boasts of a dual flush mechanism, which helps in reducing water costs and offers an environmentally friendly solution.

Best Choice for Every Modern and Functional Bathroom:

Are you worried about the maintenance of enclosed or concealed cisterns? Then just relax, as maintaining the concealed toilets are relatively simple and easy. For your bathroom renovations, it is considered to be great in installing a concealed cistern. They are considered to be a cleaner and more elegant looking bathroom while fulfilling all the functions of a standard close-coupled system.



Enclosed or concealed cisterns are only viable for a back-to-wall pan or wall hung toilet. So, when you are shopping for a unit compatible with a wall-hung toilet then considers an enclosed or concealed cistern (which incorporates a hanging frame) that will prove to be the best combination. The hanging frame will sit behind the wall and carry weight of the pan as well as provide a neat housing for the cistern.


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