To have what seems like an illusive dream for men – a strong and lasting erection, the body needs lots of nutrients. There are choice foods, also known as power foods which help male erection problems. To do it naturally, without male enhancement pills, try a plate full of the right nutrient rich foods. Food naturally can be a very natural and healing kind of food in its own way. These foods are super for excellent health. The super foods below are successful erection award winning foods that also promote overall better health. What you should be eating for healthier and stronger erections are foods that help bring oxygen and a good blood flow to the penis. The foods identified for male enhancement facts include: 

Raw Cacao Chocolate 

Raw chocolate is one of the purest of foods to keep the body healthy. It is wholly packed with lots of nutritious ingredients that will boost your sexual performance. It delivers a 5% to 10% drop in systolic blood pressure, which is good for erections. Raw cacao can cause the arteries and vessels to expand and allow oxygen and blood to flow more directly to the sexual organs. 


Garlic has the distinction of being noted for overall body health, but as a sex herb for strong male erections. It achieved this reputation because it is a natural nitric oxide enzyme and a powerful NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activator. It is an amazing food that lowers blood pressure and helps to increase testosterone hormone cells. 


This red, seedy, delicious fruit is great for erections and many other chemicals that have healing qualities for the human body. They are perfect for cardiovascular health and testosterone production. Pomegranates also produce nitric acid which serves as an antioxidant, which protects sexual health from free radicals. 


Spinach is a leafy green food that is extremely rich in natural nitrates. Nitrates convert into a nitric oxide enzyme that widens the arteries, leading to the penis. Spinach is a super food, belonging to a group that is called “natural steroids.” Spinach is also rich in “phytoecdysteroids,” which are vitamin enriched with minerals that aids in testosterone increased hormones. 

Raw Walnuts 

Raw walnuts tops the nut list in aiding erectile-dysfunction. Walnuts are rich in arginine that can convert into nitric acid, for enriching the blood flow to the penile area. If men were to eat about six to eight raw walnuts a day, researchers have discovered that it significantly lowers the body's blood pressure. Raw walnuts have been proven to have an awesome effect on male sexual health and to aid in very strong erections. 


People aged 45 and older are not surprised to hear that bananas help health many sexual dysfunctions. Bananas are pure potassium, which is good for a man’s heart and circulatory system. When you eat enough, they keep sodium levels under control and lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Tryptophan is also found in bananas and it serves as a mood enhancer. This fruit also contains magnesium and manganese, two very important minerals that men need a lot of, but are deficient in. 

Hot Peppers 

If men want more blood to reach the penal blood vessels for stronger and lasting erections – eat red hot and spicy peppers. Hot peppers are also good for the heart and the penis. 


Watermelon is an amazing fruit that can be called a natural Viagra food. Like male enhancement pills watermelon helps to relax the blood vessels in a man’s penis, and allows the blood to flow into his Corpus Cavernosum and Spongiosum when he becomes sexually aroused. Additional male enhancement facts is that watermelon also contains ‘citrulline,” a chemical that supports the production of the amino acid arginine. This chemical helps to relax and dilate blood vessels, improving the circulation of blood the same way that male enhancement pills do. 

Red Wine 

Red wine is naturally filled with antioxidants and other chemicals that produce nitric oxide in the circulatory system. Red wine enzymes and minerals helps artery walls to relax by increasing blood flow to a man’s genitals. Just remember to drink red wine like all alcohol, in moderation. Perhaps to limit yourself to a glass or two so that you can keep your erections. 

Beans and Other Proteins 

Proteins are important to help control weight management problems. It is important that men have enough protein with every meal. Proteins boost the body’s metabolism during digestion more than any other food type. Protein also naturally builds muscles and keeps muscles from losing mass. After all, men need their muscles in order to keep the head board knocking against the wall.