It is said that pressure sensors play an important role in ensuring the highest level of automotive safety. The automotive industry is today considered to be as one of the biggest sectors where the pressure sensors are widely used in braking systems and tire-pressure monitoring systems. The pressure sensors have found a desired place for various automotive applications like brake sensors, tire pressure, control systems with electronic stability, side airbags and engine control (such as barometric pressure and exhaust gas recirculation pressure).


The pressure sensors for automotive application are widely used for their top functionality such as engine optimization, safety enhancement and emission control. The different applications for transportation or automotive sensors are like production process control, braking systems, automotive test stands, drive train testing, assembly line testing, fuel systems, chassis testing, component testing and more. The automotive sensors make the driving more comfortable and safe.


To ensure an optimal performance in the range of temperature, media, shock, vibration and electromagnetic conditions, the automotive sensors are designed with basic requirements. A competent manufacturer will efficiently design and manufacture your automotive sensors that will deliver high performance and vital functions in harsh environment.


  1. Brake Sensors: One of the most important pressure sensor- the brake sensors are normally used in vehicle applications like travel sensor for brake master cylinder and for rear axle steering.
  2. Engine Sensors: The engine sensors are used in a wide range of vehicle applications like travel sensor for turbo charger actuator (in trucks), pneumatic turbo charger actuator and more.
  3. Clutch Sensors: This type of clutch sensor is used in vehicle applications like clutch slave cylinder, concentric slave cylinder, rotary sensors for clutch pedal position and more.
  4. Side Airbag Sensors: This type of pressure sensor help to gain precious reaction time by easily measuring the steep and quick increase of pressure created within the cavities of passenger car doors. This ensures an optimal passenger protection.
  5. Tire Sensors: The tire pressure sensors are used in high-end and high performance automobiles. There are two types of tire pressure sensors: the first type uses indirect measurement and relies on slight changes in the wheel diameter, which is created in response to pressure loss. Whereas the second type is based on direct measurement.

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