When does a baby start crawling? Many of the first time parents may not be quite clear about it. And even if the parents already have the experience of parenting, it is not in their hands to decide about when the baby should start crawling. What they can do at their best is to maintain the physical health and overall well being of the baby. Usually, babies start crawling between the age of 7 and 10 months. So, even if your baby has not started crawling by the age of 9 months, there is no need to worry. The baby will, surely, start a new milestone by the age of 10 months. What you require doing at your best is to leave no stone unturned in maintaining the good health of the baby.

Let the baby have her own style of crawling

Initially, the baby may not be able to support herself with the knees and palms or hands. She will get the maximum support through the tummy. While supporting herself with tummy, she would try to propel herself with hands and feet. Perhaps, she would be able to do no more than changing from one direction to another without moving forward or backward. But this is the beginning. Gradually, the muscles of her legs, hands, and almost every part of the body would get exercised and strengthened, and the baby will gradually start crawling.

Encouraging the baby

One of the things that parents often forget is to encourage the babies to crawl. The question that troubles many a parents is – how to encourage the little baby that does not understand the language? Well, the child like the people of any other age is curious, and in fact, more curious than the people of the other ages. So, if you keep something before the baby, she will try to reach it. For instance, if you keep a toy before her, she will make efforts to reach to it. It may take a few days or a week, but with constant efforts, she will surely succeed.

Helping the baby crawl

It is highly significant to help the baby crawl. What the parents can do is to place the baby on her stomach and play with her. However, in the initial stages, one needs to be more careful as the baby may get tired. Also, she may not be able to keep the heap up the floor for a long time. Moreover, you can motivate him by placing the incentives like toys. Also, you can create some obstacles on her way by placing pillows and cushions etc.

Childproofing the surroundings

Once the baby starts crawling or you teach her crawling, it is important to childproof the surroundings. Stairway gates must be closed unless she is confident and steady in making movements. Sharp objects like knives, razors, and nails etc should be kept out of her reach. In case of wooden floor, the nails and sharp edges should be removed. Again, once the baby has mastered crawling, she will require more attention. She can reach anything and move wherever possible. This can lead to mishaps and you need to take extra care.


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