The babies learn to roll over as early as 4 months. However, there is nothing to worry if you do not see any such movements in your baby. By the age of 5 or 6 months, she will surely start rolling over. Once the baby learns head control, she will soon start learning to roll over with her own strength. Gradually, she will strengthen her neck and back muscles and discover the new skill to roll over. You will notice that the baby flips her back to her tummy and then vice-versa. All these are quite natural. Even if you do nothing, the baby will learn rolling over. However, you can initially encourage her to get control over her head and neck by creating sounds or noise from either side. This will stimulate the baby to turn the neck and head towards the noise or voice eventually helping her strengthen the neck muscles.

Help the baby lift her head & shoulder

How can you help the baby lift her head and shoulders? One of the best ways to help the baby lift the head and shoulders is to place her on her stomach. However, you should do it only when the baby is about 3 months old. Once you place her on her stomach, she will try to lift her head and shoulder with the support of the arms. This would look to be like a mini pushup. In the beginning, the baby may not be able to properly lift the head and shoulders, but with the passage of time, the muscles of her arms, neck, and back would be strengthened. This is the first stage of the baby learning to roll over.

Encourage the baby roll over

The baby will, for sure, learn to roll over as the days and weeks pass by. No matter you do not help the baby; she will learn it by her natural instincts. However, you can play a vital role in helping the baby learn rolling over. What you can do is to wiggle a toy next to the baby. This will encourage the baby to roll over and reach the toy. Also, you may lie down at some distance where she cannot reach while lying on her tummy or back. You will see that the baby makes all the efforts to come closer to you and this will spontaneously help the baby learn to roll over.

What if the baby does not roll over?

Normally, the babies learn to roll over by the age of 6 months.  However, if the baby has not acquired the skill of rolling over, you should visit the concerned doctor. But there is nothing to worry if the baby is healthy.  Babies acquire and develop the skills differently. Some are quicker while others take more time.

Premature babies may take more time

The premature babies may take more time in learning and developing the new skills. They may, therefore, reach the different milestones slower than the other babies. What you need in such cases is to observe patience and pay more attention towards encouraging and supporting the baby to learn the skills.


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