It gives a new perspective to your baby. Yes, when the baby learns sitting independently, she has reached a significant milestone. However, this would not be possible unless the back and neck muscles are strong enough to hold her upright. Usually, the babies learn by the age of 4 to 7 months. By this time, the baby learns to roll over her and keep her head up. The effort of keeping her and shoulder up strengthens the shoulder, arms, and back muscles. This, further, helps the baby in acquiring the skill and strength of independently sitting upright.

Care to be taken in the initial stages

Mastering the new skills is not a sudden miracle. It takes time and effort. So, there is nothing to worry if the baby fails to sit for a few minutes without support. With the passage of time the she will be stronger and achieve greater mastery over the skill. Some babies may sit for several minutes all by themselves while others may tend to topple over sooner. However, in the early phases of learning the skills of sitting independently, you need to keep the baby in the right place. The hard surfaces may hurt her when she falls down. The soft mattress, cushions, and pillows should be used to save her from getting hurt.

How do babies learn sitting?

The baby would not sit upright from the day one. Even if you try and help the baby sit, it will not work. It is essential that the neck, legs, arms, and back muscles are strong enough to help the baby strike a balance and keep her head up and erect. By the age of 4 months, the baby will strengthen different muscles rapidly and learn to keep the head up while lying on her tummy. Once she learns to keep the head up the ground, she will, gradually, start rolling, crawling, and sitting. However, you need to be close to her while the baby is learning to sit. She may fall anytime and she needs your assistance in great deal.

Your support to the baby

You can prompt the baby look up while she is playing with her head down when lying on her tummy. For this, you may use some toys that are bright or can create noise or music. A mirror can also be used. The baby would surely be interested to look at the mirror. Once her vision and hearing are on the right gear and learns to sit without any assistance, you can keep some toys or intriguing objects. You may keep these things a bit out of reach of the baby and let her try to reach them. All these will hold the attention of the baby she would learn balancing with the arms while she tries to reach out to the objects.

What if the baby does not sit up?

If the baby is unable to sit unsupported even by the age of 9 months, you should consult with the doctor. In case of the premature babies, it may take a bit longer than usual and there is no need to panic.


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