Baby milestones refer to the stages through which your little one learns when going from lying in the tiny crib to walking and running on his/her own. Rolling over, crawling, sitting up, standing up and then walking are some of the important tasks they learn. All these abilities don’t develop overnight. They develop while they are infants and toddlers. It might not seem to you that way, but the little child puts a lot effort into mastering these skills, one by one- remember, you’ve been there once too.

After the first stage of rolling, your baby will learn to sit up right before he/she can crawl. This usually happens between as early as 6 months or as late as 9 months from the birthdate. By the 9th month, the baby will definitely be able to sit up perfectly without your support.

Initial stages of sitting

The baby might try to sit on his own in the initial stages, maybe at 5 months or so, but fall or topple over. This happens because his muscles need to develop a bit more. At this stage, you need to be around and watching him or he might hurt himself. His neck would have developed well by the 4th month, but you still need to be careful of that too to avoid any possible injuries. Though it is hard, you need to keep watch of him every minute and if you are away for a second, leave him on a cushy and soft surface- not on the bed though!

When do babies sit up

Even if there is a delay in the baby being able to sit on his own, the 9th month is a definite time when he masters the art of it. And, that is when they start to crawl too, so don’t get scared when you can’t find him, check at some awkward places. He might be sitting at places like under the bed or under the table! When you start seeing him sitting on his own, you will know that his muscles have become strong and will start using his hands for support less and less.

This stage is when the baby is very mobile and very curious, so keep track of where he is going. He will master the technique of walking on all fours with toys in his hand-or mouth!

What if the baby doesn’t sit up?

If the baby doesn’t learn to keep his head straight up by 4 months and sit by the 9th month, it is advisable to consult a doctor for advice and possible problems. If necessary, use medication, but only under proper direction. Never use an overdose.

Sitting, crawling and standing gives the baby a whole new perspective to life. He will be up to a lot of mischief and might seem hard to handle, but he is totally having fun! He learns to move around independently with no help from you and that makes him feel comfortable. This can happen anywhere from his 5th month to his 9th month, so you’d better keep a watch! Get the baby book ready!


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