When were you diagnosed as being a diabetic? 
I was finally diagnosed in June of 2013 when I went to a different clinic than my usual doctor's office, and they did the A1c test to check my average blood glucose over the previous 3 months. That is when my journey as a person who has type 2 diabetes officially began.
I suspect, however, that I had been prediabetic or possible an undiagnosed diabetic for much longer. My previous doctor didn't even bother to give me the A1c test even when I had a fasting glucose of 124 one particular day a few years ago. I suppose they were not worried since my weight was normal with a BMI of 24, but since my mom and maternal grandmother were both diabetic, and I have had problems fighting high cholesterol for many years, they didn't seem to carefully consider my genetic makeup as being at risk, like it certainly was.