With the proliferation of fake apostille stamp in the UK, it’s very difficult to find the authentic stamp for your legal documents. So, before you get cheated by any dishonest person, here’s a look into the apostille stamp in the UK.

1. Gov.Uk- At this place, you get a UK public document ‘legalised’ by seeking the UK government to give a UK public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document to prove its authenticity. All you need is to send your documents, application form, a blank A4-sized envelope and the payment confirmation page (which you’ll get after making an online payment) to the relevant address of the UK Government.

2. Apostille UK- This organization simplifies your document legalization process at one go. Simply submit the necessary documents and identity proof to ease the process. Whether you are traveling to the UK for study or for a job, Apostille certificate will be needed at the very beginning. Contact with Apostille UK to get the best consultation and services.

3. LLS- Contact LLS for getting fast and hassle free apostille certificate from LLS. They are highly professional and offer certification for both business and personal documents. Documents vary from individual to a corporation. Personal legal documents include: passport; any government identification cards; birth certificate; license etc. Business or corporate legal documents range from: letters of incorporation; business permits; individual records of documents of the board of members or directors and many more.

4. The Legislation Office- The Legislation Office is one of the leading organization that helps you to obtain the apostille certificates for your documents through the FCO. And that too in the most hassle free way possible. The organization primarily functions as the authority to issue Apostille Certificates to UK documents so that the signatures, stamps or seals on the document get accepted in an official capacity when produced in front of any authority in or outside United Kingdom.

So waste time no more. If you are traveling to UK or going outside it, the apostille certificate is of paramount importance. Get it issued from these organizations in order to get it in the most hassle free way possible.