Americans age 65 and up are jumping on the Web faster than a free Early Bird Special. Between March 2000 and March 2002, the number of seniors logging on from home jumped from 3.7 million to almost 7 million.Once online, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, we spend more time there than any other age group, even teens.Where besides Boomeon do you spend your internet time? How many hours per day are you websurfing? I go to the computer with my morning coffee. First I check emails, newses (I have not watched network news for probably 8 years..drama drama drama)and my bank accounts. Then I look at the weather and my horoscope (yes I know they are worthless but it is fun still). I check facebook which is mostly cute pictures and I love my grandkids stuff. Next I go to pinterest and and after all that I start looking for content for my group and this welcome page. Sometimes I find something quickly sometimes not at all. Lately I have to add my mothers business to all this. This week I am starting an application for VA fun. So in answer to my own question I spend around four to six hours per day on the internet if I am lucky. What about YOU?