One thing I think about a lot as a Baby Boomer is how similar I am to the rest of the people in the world.

The primary job of a professional blogger is to relate to his readers and try to find a common thread of interest that can be shared.

Do I understand the people I am talking to?

Does my audience understand what I am trying to say?

When researching topics, doing interviews and just swimming in the pool of everyday life I sometimes wonder if I "get" people at all.

No, that's a lie.

I constantly wonder if I "get" people at all.

I spend a lot of time scratching my head and wondering why.

Here's a few obvious examples to consider:

1. The Kardashians. As a family enterprise they made well over $100 million last year.  Doing What?  How much did you make?

2. The Pet Rock.
  The Pet Rock was a 1970's era quirky collectible conceived in Los Gatos, California by an advertising executive named Gary Dahl.  It is estimated that he sold over 1.5 million rocks and made over $5 million.  Really?

3. Las Vegas.  Over 40 million people visit this city every year.  90% of the people that visit Las Vegas gamble.  The average person gambles and loses almost $200 a trip.  So why gamble?

How in the heck did a group of "schmucks" (Like Mom used to say: "If you have nothing nice to say...................") like the Kardashians who have no special talents and offer no special benefits to the world become such a financial force in the entertainment world?

Do people like them that much?

Do people want to emulate them?

What are people thinking?

Somehow, the general public has spent enough of their hard earned money (whether on TV's to watch their shows or on clothes they designed or perfumes they created) on these people to make them incredibly wealthy.

For what purpose?

And is there any truly rational explanation why anyone would have purchased a pet rock during their heyday other than the option that most of the US population was "stoned" during the 70's?

As for Las Vegas, where does the money go?

And Why?

Like I said, I don't think I truly understand people.

During my research, I come across a ton of interesting and informative "infographics." 

Many times these help me get a better grip on my perspective of what reality is to the rest of the general world population.  

I found one from the US Department of Labor that I thought was both interesting and entertaining to share with you today on this"Fervid Friday."

Beyond the unexplainable financial decisions that have made Las Vegas, the Pet Rock and the Kardashians incredible amounts of wealth, this infographic outlines just where the average US consumer spends their money.

One of the amazing benefits of the ever expanding personal technology that is available to us is our ability now days to track our money and how we spend it to the "nth" degree,

Do you remember the old days when we scheduled out our monthly bills in separate envelopes and kept track of our finances in a notebook?

If you haven't used one already make sure to download one of the many apps to your cell phone or PC that help you track where you are spending your money.

Many of them have snifty visual features that include bar graphs and pie charts of where your money is disappearing to.

A couple of good ones include Visual Budget, Expense Manager and Money Lover but if you don't like these there are hundreds of others available.

Then you can take a look at your spending behaviors and see if you are just like everyone else.

I'm certainly not.



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