The inertial sensor is completely unaffected by the sensing factor of the sensor, such as weather conditions, light, snow, or obscured landmarks. The inertial sensors do not depend on the brightness of the surrounding environment because they measure physical motion and do not calculate the data from the image. In addition, inertial sensors are more reliable because they do not require any interconnection Sensor and data exchange with devices other than the body. In the weak coupling degree, the sensing system and the inertial sensor will independently locate the vehicle, and then compare the information with each other to correct the results. Tightly coupled is another result, at which point the visual (pixel level) visual measurements of the object are combined with the readings of the inertial measurement device.

    In both cases, MEMS inertial sensors can improve the perception system frame to frame tracking object compatibility, resulting in more accurate positioning. Drivers' assist systems, such as lane keeping and lane assist, predictive emergency braking systems, and active front wheel steering systems, will become increasingly familiar to the drivers on the road to automatic driving. Partial autopilot functions, such as traffic jam assistance systems, are now available and will be expanded in the coming years. Advanced autopilot function will be followed. With such Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a rich technology available, it is believed that car manufacturers will continue to meet the needs of consumers for the driver-assisted system until fully automatic or partial autopilot can benefit most consumers. Although full-automatic driving takes time to achieve it completely, MEMS and a series of driver-assisted driver systems have brought many benefits to our lives.

   Visual or perceived sensors are able to perceive the moving object, correctly determine Temperature Sensor the structure of the moving object, while estimating the movement of the vehicle and the distance between the surrounding moving objects.