Born in 2008, Cheap Jordans 2017 main combat shoes Hyperdunk now has entered the first eight years, when the Rio Pre-Olympic Games, Nike released his latest generation of boots Hyperdunk 2016. Although the creative are to Nike Basketball design director Zhang Chuanxi hand, but this time different from the previous, Hyperdunk 2016 also introduced two high-help version. One pair is using Flyknit fabric vamp with full palm Zoom Hyperdunk 2016 FK, the other pair is today we want to introduce the protagonist - Nike Hyperdunk 2016 EM High. The shoe continues the HD series of traditional high-help design, innovative use of Flywire dynamic fly line and the integration of the side of the boots design, the achievements of the parcel feel totally natural. In the underwear before and after the sub-palm Zoom provides excellent response speed and cushioning performance, the sole hollow design weight loss effect is extremely obvious, superior price in 800 yuan price opponents. Hyperdunk 2016 can be said that the perfect inheritance of the predecessors of the fine genes, and timely and reasonable details of the optimization, for the actual combat players, it will be the only choice.
The first to get Women Nike Hyperdunk 2016, a lot more pleasing to the eye than the HD 2015, the overall shape of the return to the classic style of basketball shoes, and inherited the HD series unique heel features. The appearance of a sense of deja vu, shoe body Nike Swoosh from the traditional upper transfer to the bottom of the lateral, lower than in the past center of gravity, visually bring a paste the speed of flight. Upper EM works to create the network surface, bringing a very strong support of the transparent crystal outsole at the end of the appropriate use of eversion design, enhance the stability of actual combat breakthrough. High-density EM works with mesh surface technology to create the body of the shoe, touch is very strong and strong, excellent support performance. Innovative design of the bold dynamic fly line directly through the inside of the foot half palm palm boots, and docile flat shoelace mutual convergence, played a more direct compact package role. Followed by built-in ring TPU stabilizer, with the HD series inherited the tall upper with ankle on the effective lock, in the fierce competition, there will be no trace of sliding, enhanced combat stability, confrontation is very assured at ease.
New Jordans 2016, The upper surface of the EM engineering network to ensure a solid surface under the premise of a clever layered windows, both to strengthen the upper breathability and improve the comfort of wearing, but also in the sense of reducing the upper vamp weight. In the end of hollow design, is the most worthy of attention shoes weight loss measures, built-in TPU stable film for the bold "slim" provides strong support. This time still using the top real shoes before and after the split-palm Zoom Air cushioning technology, in particular, is the designer Zhang Chuanxi clever air cushion suspension in the hollow on the bottom, so that it can be released within a reasonable range of greater reaction force , To maximize the performance of Zoom Air, which is mentioned above hollow design to improve the cushioning play a mysterious effect. This time outsole designed to criss-cross the multi-directional lines, grip naturally natural. And specially designed outsole pattern of large bottom, strengthen the stability of the ball break. The toe was carried out to strengthen the treatment to avoid the fierce confrontation in the impact, while enhancing the big toe at the durability of the upper. Shoelaces are flat design, fasten the shoelace, the flat attached to the upper, and compared to the circular shoelaces, not easy to loose characteristics for you to ride the track to avoid the worries. Upper tongue and upper are used sponge filling inside, both to improve the comfort of the package, but also play a fixed tongue and the upper part of the role of convergence, to avoid the tongue in the strenuous exercise back and forth sliding friction on the ankle caused by the impact.