Toto Toilets is the largest manufacturer of plumbing products in the world. And they have been producing them for over 90 years. So you can say they have been around since the advent of indoor plumbing. In the first days of “indoor” plumbing the designs were simple and archaic.

They used basic metals and wax for gaskets. Over the years as metallurgy and rubber composites came into use, they incorporated these new technologies into their designs which laid the foundation for the modern toilet as well as modern plumbing.

The old ways were prone to decay and leaks causing damage to the bathroom and possibly the entire home. The silicone rubbers of today are made to last. The metals used in the flusher assemblies are designed not to interact with the water but rather resist it by not corroding or becoming weak over the many years of use.

These toto toilets are designed primarily designed with a tank and a flapper-flush-valve system but can also be orderedwith different internal mechanics. These include the G-Max, Gravity, Cyclone, Power Gravity, Flushometer and Double Cyclone flush valves.

The G-Max is a specific design to not just rain down the inside of the bowl and let gravity take affect, but rather it utilizes a forceful punch if you will, directly from the front of the bowl to the bottom of the bowl pointing toward the drain to push everything and hence "clear everything out".


The Gravity model is just as it sounds it and is the typical system you find in most bathrooms - it is the industry standard. The Cyclone is a unique design where they send the water from the tank in a spiral motion from large portals just under the rim and not from tiny eyelets like other toilets that over time get clogged.


It's really a good idea because let's face it, not many people will ever clear those out with a pipe cleaner. Wouldn’t you rather use the Cyclone with its large portals? The Double Cyclone offers two nozzles instead of the standard rim holes. This makes this design super efficient. You also get better rim and bowl clearing and cleaning. A double Cyclone is a double win for any household.


The G-Max is an incredible design from Toto toilets engineering. It has an extra wide flush valve that is a full 3” in diameter and a 2-1/8” glazed trapway that will draw the water into the bowl more quickly and be able to deliver that forceful punch needed to take everything away. The G-Max comes equipped with an extra large anti-siphon jet that will generate enough power needed for the one flush performance you are looking for. Another valve possibility is the Dual-Max flushing system. It gives you a choice of 0.9 gallon or the 1.6 gallon with each flush. One for each occasion whether it’s a onesy or twosy visit. Sorry don’t know a better way to explain it.

Also available are over twenty designs that are ADA compliant for those with special needs. The designs can vary with a traditional or contemporary look and are also offered in a transitional look too. All three can be bought for round or elongated bowls. For colors you can choose from are Cotton, Bone, Colonial White, Sedona Beige and Ebony. All cool and calming colors to enhance your overall bathroom experience.

They design and manufacture both commercial and residential products. Their products include lavatories, toilets, baths, and urinals. They also make shower and flush valves, decorative plumbing fixtures, faucets and accessories too. Their engineers are constantly working to improve each product. As technology progresses so does Toto without sacrificing design and the overall look of the fixture. Toto wants you the customer to be completely satisfied with their overall bathroom experience. 

While Toto Toilets knows the customer wants a great looking product they also want something that will help conserve water and energy too. Well Toto has accomplished that for you too. With innovative designs Toto has been able to get the maximum with a minimal amount of water. All of their toilets for example are designed with the 1.6 gallon limit that will meet all of the building codes throughout the country. But there unique design is where they will separate themselves from the others.

Not just toilets can be made Eco-Friendly. Shower heads and faucets also can be made to save water. Again they come through for you, the customer. Their designs are made to save water while still getting the flow you’re used to. They also come in a wide variety of designs and looks to meet the specific look you’re trying to achieve.

At Toto Toilets their philosophy is simply to be the most innovative and be the best. Keeping its end users at the forefront of all of their designs is job number one. Other manufactures have gone on and made plenty of fancy toilets but they left out the innovation that makes a great looking toilet work great too. Not at Toto, here they have learned to incorporate both without sacrificing either. Their stated mission is to bring innovation in this industry to the entire world. Whether it is through it’s designs or Eco-Friendly conservation efforts.

Innovation here starts but is not limited to the finished product. SanaGloss is an innovation that offers a superior smooth finish both inside and outside. The silky smoothness is just another part in aiding with the overall flow. SanaGloss seals the china with an ionized barrier that prevents corrosion like debris, mold and mildew from accumulating on its surfaces. The catalyzed ion surface actually repels the germs and stains away. All while leaving the best looking finish too.

Eco-Power is another option to choose from. It encompasses self-sustaining Flushometer valves which will deliver the water in the most efficient way known. But also use the power of the water to recharge itself not unlike the power generated from a hydro-electric dam.


There are many different choices when you choose one of the Best Toto toilets product line, like a one-piece or two-piece. Whatever looks your trying to achieve you’ll be able to find it here. Their functionality is unmatched in the industry. And all of the connections are universal so renovating an existing bath will not necessarily mean more plumbing or moving pipes or changing their diameter.


Quality products top the list here. Toto offers a consistent product of top notch quality by producing precision to each product. Installations are designed to be installed with the greatest of ease. With this kind of reliability, maintenance will be a breeze and superior performance will be achieved. They also meet or exceed the EPA standards for manufacturing and transporting their product to the market place.

The ecology is considered when they make their Toto Toilets and other products. Their commitment goes way beyond the minimal compliance. With their high efficiency toilets, faucets and showers they have become what others could only hope to achieve. They lead the industry in water savings and overall performance. Toto is an EPA WaterSense® Partner. This program began in 2006.

It was developed to identify manufactures that made it their mission to save water. The EPA’s WaterSense® label will be used only on toilets that Qualify as a high efficiency toilets using 1.28gpf or less, Have a minimum soybean paste flush score of 350 uncased grams. Meet the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power supplementary pricing specs. Regarding trim quality and tank volume, Have third party testing agencies conduct product performance tests and validation.

So as you can see Toto Toilets spares nothing at bringing the world its top innovations and products in the most efficient ways known.