Much of the time, heart valve replacement is an open heart operation. This implies the specialist opens your chest and heart to remove the damaged valve. The new artificial (prosthetic) valve is then sewn into place. In few cases, the valve is replaced with a small incision called minimally invasive surgery; the damaged valve is replaced through a little incision close to the "breastbone" or under your right chest muscle.

Repair or Replace?

When possible, it's generally best to repair a valve and preserve a person’s own tissue in the heart. In any case, when the tissue is excessively damaged, a substitution valve might be utilized from another human heart, an animal or a made mechanical valve.

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What are the treatment options in India?

There are two options for valve surgery: valve repair and valve replacement.

  • Valve repair is often used for mitral valves that become floppy and leak but are not seriously damaged.
  • Valve replacement is when the diseased valve is replaced with a new valve. The most common types of replacement valves are mechanical (artificial) valves or tissue (animal) valves.

What will happen during a heart valve repair or replacement in India?

In most valve operations, your surgeon will

  1. reach your heart by making an incision down the middle of your breastbone
  2. use a heart-lung machine to circulate blood around your body during the operation
  3. open up your heart to reach the affected valve, and
  4. perform the repair or replacement.

In a small number of cases, one or more small incisions can be made in your chest and your breastbone may not even need to be cut. Speak with your surgeon about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of surgery as it is not suitable for everyone.

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