Common core involve having a set of similar standards for education in different countries. Principles set ensurethat there is consistency learning goals.


 This article highlights the reason why common core is collaborative. It also explains in details the standard of common core, principles of common core, strategies used in attaining common core, teaching, and management, emotional and social learning trainings.

 Standards of common core

 Standard set for common core collaboration is built on strengths and sessions according to the level of state set. Principles set are aligned with the learning institution to ensure that the mission has been achieved.

 Principles of common core

 It has five principles which are solid evidence, best existing standards, career readings, clear focus and teacher judgment. The principles are explained bellow according to the order listed.

 Any research done must be based on facts to ensure a clear picture of the topic under study.Students should be prepared to meet required standards. Content offered in school should be consistent. Standards set must allow time for teachers to coach students. In order to improve and enhance the quality of education imparted to the new generation, it is need of the hour to improvise teaching methods by introducing new methods of teaching. Besides usual lectures, teachers should use more practical and interesting methods of teaching new things. Using innovative projects and multimedia presentations enhance the problem-solving skills of students giving them opportunity to improve their comprehension.

 Strategies for attaining common core

The lecturer should give assessment test regularly to gauge the performance of learners. The tests also allow students to share their views on the topics under study. Learners should be allowed to interact with other in order to improve their learning skills.Doing projects in groups, teach the students to be more open-minded. It helps them to understand the importance of teamwork when he steps in the practical life as a responsible adult.

 Management, emotional and teaching strategies

Teachers should develop robust management processes to enable learners to meet their goals. They should give studentstips which will enable them to deal with real life problems and be able to solve issues on their own without any help from any person. They should be guided to be self sufficient. Interactive method of teaching can help students to provide solution to problems using critical thinking. This should be encouraged by teachers by giving their opportunity to offer solution to a problem.

Teachers are encouraged to be leaders and initiatethe process of guiding scholarsin implementation of the common core goals. Tutors should improve their teaching craft through discovering and development of new techniques. Additionally, they should try to help struggling learners in the classroom to improve their understanding capacity. Trying to get feedback from the student when teaching, this enables the scholars to think critically and retain what they have been taught. Tutors should prepare their program early to enable them to respond to complex issues which may arise during class time.


Lectures should help students to develop a sense of belonging by enabling them to understand their emotions. Such a move improves learners' relationship with their tutors. Student socialization allows them to solve conflict quickly and manage their affairs. Socialization leads to character development and enhances cooperation between scholars and instructors.

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