This error primarily happens once the Accountant or user uses Remote Access, while not work out from a previous session. “The commit to logging in with the username (Admin) failed” error may also occur if the username is already logged in QuickBooks company file on a special laptop. Or this could conjointly come back up due to AN electrical issue which may upset the network.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the problem:

  • Close all the QuickBooks operations.

  • Then click Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open a task manager.

  • Click on the Process tab.

  • After that click on Image Name to alphabetize all the running processes.

  • Then right-click and End process on every process that starts with “QuickBooks online”.

  • Try to Log Into the QuickBooks company data file.

  • f you are unable to log in, then Restart the server storing and hosting the company data file.

  • And open QuickBooks on a computer. Once again, try to Log In to the company data file.

  • If you are again unsuccessful, trying to Log Into QuickBooks as a different user.

  • Reset your QuickBooks password by contacting your QuickBooks Administrator. And if you are QuickBooks Admin then click on the reset button on the login screen.


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