Why E-cigs Are a Healthier, Safer Option for Seniors E-cigs are one of the most significant health innovations of the last century. Smoking related illnesses kill millions around the globe each year, and as the developed world takes ever more firm steps to discourage the use of tobacco, the tobacco companies themselves are flooding the developing world with cheap products. Many of these countries have the bare minimum, if any, restrictions on the sale of tobacco products and undertake very few public health initiatives aimed at discouraging their citizens from taking up the habit.

The reasons for this are numerous, although cultural and economic factors are the principle drivers. The corollary to the lack of public health initiatives in many of what are now tobacco’s biggest markets is that once users become addicted, there are no resources in place to help them quit, meaning that a significant proportion continue to smoke even though they would rather not.

E-cigs represent perhaps the best tool at the disposal of world governments to combat the scourge of tobacco addiction which is responsible for one death every six seconds, which works out at over 7 million people every year. Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that only one in every three nations, representing approximately one third of the world population, monitor tobacco use within their borders.

Senior citizens in the developed world who smoke are at particular risk from smoking related illness as they are likely to have smoked for a significant portion of their lives and in many cases, began their habits long ago when the dangers of tobacco smoking were poorly understood and massively underreported. Consequently, senior citizens often have stronger habits than their younger counterparts. E-cigs, therefore, are a particularly effective tool for this group, although it can be hard to encourage them to make the switch, partly due to the so-called technophobe phenomenon. Studies show that many seniors are turned off by the phrase e-cig as it has connotations that imply something high tech.

How Do E-cigs Work?

In order to make a persuasive case to seniors that switching to e-cigs is in their best interests in both the short and long term, it is important that we are able to relay exactly how they work in a simple way that emphasizes the simplicity of the product and puts to rest any notions that these are technologically demanding products.

E-cigs are designed to deliver nicotine, the addictive substance found in tobacco, to the patient while avoiding the hazards that arise from the inhalation of combustible materials. Combustion is the scientific term for burning a substance and, regardless of the substance in question; combustion produces a number of toxic and carcinogenic byproducts which are very harmful to human health.

Instead of combustion, e-cigs use a much lower heat in order to vaporize a liquid which contains the nicotine, and various flavorings. Most e-cigs require nothing more than the press of a button while gently inhaling to deliver the vapor.

Short Term Benefits

Seniors will benefit in the short term from switching to e-cigs in a number of ways. The most significant of these is the benefits that arise from allowing the body to begin to heal from inevitable smoking related damages. E-cigs can be thought of as a ‘gentle’ nicotine delivery system that is no more harmful to a user than a nicotine patch or gum. Combustion, on the other hand, is a much more ‘harsh’ delivery system and will cause short and long term damage to users. If the user is smoking on a daily basis, then the body never has a respite during which it can repair the damage being done. E-cigs provide the body with this respite.

Long Term Benefits

In the long term, e-cigs are much, much cheaper than maintaining a tobacco habit. While the initial expense of a good e-cig, such as the award winning eleaf, is much more than a packet of cigarettes, the cartridges they use are around the same price but last much, much longer. Also, the longer a senior uses their e-cig for in place of regular tobacco products, the more dramatic the improvements in their overall health will be.

E-cigs are a revolutionary invention that are expected to not only dramatically reduce the number of new users, particularly young people, taking up cigarette smoking, but also to provide a tool for helping existing users quit that satisfies many of the psychological aspects of tobacco addiction that other methods such as patches and nicotine gum cannot address. For senior citizens, in particular, who are the highest risk group for smoking related complications, e-cigs provide a vital lifeline and a path back to a healthier lifestyle.