Among all the adventure sports in the World, Hunting is the toughest one. Simply not because you are surrounded by wild animals and stuff.

Hunting calls for a powerful instinct of a human being. You simply cannot be in the game if you have fear or confused. The game is of complete focus and mind energy.

What treated as a sport today was a general hobby of our ancestors. The time when they had no technology, no learning,                         no fancy home gardens or farm houses, they used to hunt animals to fill their stomach. Not only that, we have heard a lot of stories where people had to develop this skill to survive in the world.

Now a day, hunting is already limited to few countries I suppose. Also, very few people actively participate in the game. It’s like an obsession. Your first successful hunt will give you enough confidence to become a pro in your league.

The major advantage today lies in the technology and equipment that we have are highly precise and developed. Talking about the compound bows itself. Now we have better bows to hunt which are manufactured under great supervision for the best hunting experience.

Hunting is one game, it has no fixed ground like soccer and cricket, it has no fixed time and you can hunt both at day or night, and the last part, it highly depends on the nature of animals which you want to hunt and the equipment’s you are using like hunting bows, tactical flashlight, boots etc. last but not the least I have given the Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots review to get you the best boot available in the market for huntersa.

Sharing my personal experience, hunting an animal like deer is fairly difficult as compared to a wild elephant. The reason, der is highly mobile and will vanish from the sight hearing a small tiss from your side. On the other hand, elephant won’t be able to move much even after sensing something different from your end.

However, you will need more bows and powerful recurve bows to hunt an elephant.

Hunting an animal needs more confidence on yourself as compared to your skills. I have seen many hunters who are too scared to hunt form a short sight. Although, you should always have a precaution, you should also have more confidence on yourself. I think, hunting is one game which is not meant for the faint hearted.

To become a pro hunter, I would suggest a newbie to practice target shooting for the best results. The reason is, once you practice day in day out hitting the same sweet spot, you would be able to hunt an animal fairly easily. You can also practice normal archery to improve your stance and body posture.

Believe it or not, hunting is a serious game. You won’t be able to excel if you are not equipped with the best of the skills and the equipment. The best way to learn the game is to take guidance form a good mentor and hunter. They would be able to guide a newbie in a simple but effective way.


Eat a good diet, do strength exercises and you will see a major improvement in the game. I think I have explained much about the sport. It is up to you to follow the guidance and become a pro step by step.