Currently, freelancing companies and individual talents have become the most preferred business strategy all over the world. Several big and small businesses have benefited in terms of cost, quality, and accuracy.


Thanks to the World Wide Web, there is a huge availability of web portals like Trustroo – a freelance portal in India, acting as a dedicated source for buyers/ outsourcers and IT companies to strike a deal. They can help the service buyers to find the kind of companies they need and the service providers to find buyers for their services. All types of IT services are traded here – like digital marketing, website design, web development, software development, mobile application, data analysis, Application Design, Application Testing etc.

For most IT companies in India, registering in a freelance portal seems to be a win-win situation. They will be able to get in-front businesses around the world through Trustroo. Even the service buyers can be able to find the sellers best fitting their needs.

Nowadays top-performing IT firms have already come to rely more on hiring individual talents with specific skill-set to meet your company requirements. Registering your IT company profile on the freelance portal can help you increase the chances of getting hired. Even, you can register individual talents and make them available for full-time and part-time projects.


How Does Trustroo Freelance Portal Work –

  • The IT companies in India are required to convey their IT requirements for freelancing by registering their company or talents on a freelance portal.
  • Qualified freelancing companies will come and bid their prices for specific requirements and prerequisites.
  • The IT companies will choose the best bid and close their project.
  • The chosen freelancing companies and the IT firms will be then in contact with each other.

What Goes into Registering a Project or Indian IT Company –

Trustroo, an IT freelance portal acts as a middle-man between freelancing services and the top Indian IT firms.


If you want to source your project:

  • First of all, you need to submit all the requirements and prerequisites you’re seeking for on the freelance portal.
  • You can post the open projects for all verified freelancing companies to see and bid.
  • You can contact freelancing companies directly and can share the project privately.
  • Otherwise, if you want to hire individual talents, you can contact the freelancing companies to source the project.
  • After that, you should review the bids you receive on your project and award it to the perfect company.
  • For hiring individual talents, you can contact the freelancing companies who manage the candidate profiles and make necessary arrangements.

Conclusion –

When it comes to hiring freelancing companies or talents, reliability matters. This is where Trustroo – a freelance portal in India will come to your rescue. We have been providing 9-Step Verification Process – that requires an Indian IT firm to fill out necessary details like Company Registration, Contact Number, E-Mail ID, Social Media information, Online Portfolio, Client Testimonials, Years of Experience, Video Interview, and Online Reviews. After that, let us know your company registration number and our experts will complete the verification process.


So register India-based IT companies on Trustroo – freelance portal in India and just SEARCH- SOURCE- SELECT freelancing companies and talents for FREE! Please feel free to contact us today and source companies and talents for your freelancing project with confidence!Or You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , pinterest , instagram and linkedin  pages .

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