A wind turbine is one of the best renewable solutions for energy, but it can be expensive to install. According to The Renewable Energy Hub, the average home could expect to break even within 10 years. So for property owners, a home wind turbine installation is a fantastic long term investment.


Websites such as The Renewable Energy Hub now offer handy online calculators to help homeowners estimate just how much money you can save / how much money you can earn from the Feed In Tariff. So making informed choices with wind turbine investment is easier than ever.


Here are some of the key benefits of installing a home wind turbine:


Save Money


One of the biggest and most attractive advantages is the potential to save money by slashing energy bills. Most domestic wind turbines can dramatically reduce utility costs or completely cover them. And as winter conditions are ideal for turbines, homeowners will benefit from getting the most wind production when they need it the most.


In most domestic turbines, there is the opportunity to make ongoing electricity bill savings of around 70% or more. Commercial turbines can even be used to make a profit.


Reduce Carbon Emissions


It’s important for everyone to do their part when it comes to cutting down carbon emissions.


Power Your Home or Business


Wind energy can be harnessed to power your home or your business. And with carbon neutral being one of the biggest trends for companies all over the world, clean energy solutions are worth considering. Wind farms are booming, making it a great time to invest.


This infographic by RS Online shows us just how quickly the wind farming industry is growing.

(Image source: RS Online)


Make Money Back


Schemes such as the Feed In Tariff in the UK allows homeowners a chance to make a profit with their surplus wind energy. Whilst standard domestic turbines often do not have the output to actually make a profit, homeowners can now invest in commercial turbines which could see typical households breaking even in less than 5 years.


However, commercial wind turbine investment can be more complicated and profits are subject to tax. There are also wide variations on output and savings dependent on so many different factors (from the quality of the turbine and wind speed to the installation location).


So for wind turbine investors looking to earn money with energy production, there is a lot to think about before signing on the dotted line.


Increase Your Property’s Green Credentials


Boost your property’s green energy rating with renewable energy. This not only makes your home extremely attractive to eco buyers, but it also makes it a fantastic building to let out to renters.


Protect from Energy Price Trends


Energy prices are always rising so having your own renewable source of energy will ensure that you won’t be hit hard when the trends shift. This is relevant to businesses as well as homes (with business energy costs predicted to go up a third by 2030).