There is a saying that to know another language is to possess a second soul. We do not actually know whether you really get another soul when you start to learn a new language, but we know for sure that when you start to learn a new language, you discover new opportunities for yourself. These opportunities include the ability to meet new people, read books in the language they have been written in, and even receive an education in some other country.


Knowledge of foreign languages really diminishes all the barriers and opens a new world full of unexpected experiences.


Today, it is possible to learn any language you want starting from some rare languages like Korean and up to the most wide-spread languages like English and German. There are multiple apps that help increase the vocabulary, improve grammar, and enhance the general knowledge of the language.


In this article, we are going to talk about why learning a foreign language, namely English, isn’t hard at all and how to use modern technologies to improve your language knowledge.


Why learn English?


First and foremost, let us answer the most intriguing question: why we have chosen the English language to exemplify that learning languages is easy. The matter is that half of the world speaks English fluently as this is their mother tongue and another half teaches it. Some people start to learn English at school, other come to this decision in a more conscious way. Still, all of the learners have a common problem: they study it for a long time but they do not reach the results they expect.


However, they just do not understand that learning English does not actually require some special skills and talents. In fact, you should only be a dedicated student and find the approach that will be effective for you.


Besides, English is really not the most complicated language. We are going to talk about 8 things that make English really easy to learn. After reading these things, you will understand that there is nothing difficult about English, and you should only understand and remember some basics. Eventually, the results will surprise you.


8 easy things about English


You do not need to learn genders of the nouns


Talking about the difficulties that you meet while learning other languages, it is impossible to skip the question of genders. In many languages, all the nouns have grammatical genders. In English, you just understand intuitively that woman is feminine, man is masculine, and the kid is neutral. Thus, the nouns do not affect the articles and they do not affect the adjectives.


It’s easy to conjugate verbs


If you have already started to learn Spanish, you will notice that the way English verbs are conjugated is absolutely different and extremely easy. Some people say that it is difficult to remember some exceptions of word forms but, in fact, this is very easy. You just need to remember when to add ‘s’ in Present Simple, how to add ‘ing’ properly in Continuous forms, and how to create Perfect tenses by adding ‘have’ to the cluster of words.


You do not need to conjugate nouns


Another absolutely easy and perfect thing about the English language is the lack of necessity to conjugate nouns. There are only two cases in English, and the only difficulty connected with that may be how to use Possessive case properly. Still, it is far easier than to learn languages that have 5 and more cases, and where you need to remember all the principles of conjugation.


The pronunciation is easy


Some people say that English pronunciation is extremely different although, in reality, it is just different from the pronunciation you have got used to. There are rather strict and easy-to-understand rules that determine how to pronounce different sounds and what pattern of tones to follow.

You do not need to use all tenses in speech


Another moment that seems to be difficult for people who study the English language is the number of tenses. This point is especially complicated for those whose mother tongue has only 3 or 4 grammatical tenses. However, in spoken and in live communication you do not need to use all these tenses. Thus, you should just know that there are different tenses, but there is no need to keep in mind all the rules when you are talking to someone.


It is similar to many other languages


Those who speak languages that belong to Roman and German groups will notice that English is very easy for them. The matter is that these languages are related and although they have some differences, they have many things in common. Thus, you will quickly catch the common words and some principles of grammar.


You already know some English


Even though your level of English may be rather low, you can notice that you already know some basic phrases and word combinations. You hear English all the time, and if you start to pay attention to what you hear, you will notice how your understanding of the language changes. Perhaps, over time, you will use these small moments to boost your knowledge.


Practice is everywhere


Unlike other languages, English is everywhere. The best TV-series are in English, and all the best books are written or have been already translated into English. All the best universities teach in English. And even college application essays write in English. It means that you do not need to buy expensive tutorials or look for the coaches. You can just go to Facebook or Instagram and start to communicate with other people. If you prefer the more classic process of studying, you can download any of the popular apps that have been created specifically for those who learn foreign languages and practice with them.

English is really easy, and if you want to speak it fluently, you just need to get rid of some prejudice and start to work on it. You can learn the language with your friends to find some extra motivation to learn it. Just be persistent with your work and you will definitely reach your goal!