Merchants who are planning to start selling their goods online need to choose an appropriate shopping cart solution. Mal’s ecommerce is one of the services that offer integration of their cart in the online storefront. Good news is that Mals ecommerce is free. Also, Mal’s ecommerce is easy to install and operate, so even a newbie in online business can do it. The thing is that Mal’s ecommerce helps merchants to handle tricky part of it, so the merchant’s task is only to make a page online and place the items they want to sell there.


It is a smooth operation to open an account on Mal’s ecommerce. It merely comes to filling out a form on their site and choosing a name and a password. Mals ecommerce is appropriate for quick launch of inexpensive e-store. Many users of Mal’s ecommerce soft give recommendations and positive feedback about it.


Merchants can also visit the site of Ecommerce spot for various shopping cart options and much more useful information regarding ecommerce.


Mal’s ecommerce cart is web-based. Setup of Mals ecommerce is a breeze.  Merchants can install and start using Mal’s ecommerce shopping cart almost instantaneously. And it will be a functional e-store, so merchants can begin taking orders ten minutes after installation. Vendors who use Mal’s ecommerce cart will still need to design their e-store. Also they should select a web host for their site. Mal’s ecommerce shopping cart has demos showing how to utilize all the tools and functions. In addition, they are offering boards and forums, where other people using Mal’s ecommerce cart can give you advice and assist you with issues you might run into while installing and using the software. Mal’s ecommerce offers excellent options for merchants to build and run their online stores.


mals ecommerce

Mal’s ecommerce customization and personalization options allow adding logotype of your company. You can send emails to your shoppers with the custom link to your e-store. Upon checkout, Mal’s ecommerce shopping cart gives the option to inquire some useful info from customers. For example, you can ask them how they heard about your website. Mal’s ecommerce cart supports most features that are necessary to run an online storefront. And if there are some functions, that it doesn’t, you can look into extensions or if it is something more complicated, you might need to run your store on another platform.


Mal’s ecommerce is very dependable. For many years it hasn’t had any outages or other problems. It is unheard reliability for the free software. You might ask how Mals ecommerce. The answer is easy. Mal’s ecommerce is offering Premium options. Merchants can also purchase some add-ons for managing orders. The prices are very affordable too, just a couple of bucks a month.


Mals ecommerce is a very convenient platform if a vendor needs to have an e-store fast or to create an event site (to sell tickets, for example).  Also, Mal’s ecommerce can be useful for online stores with not very big profits.


Free Mal’s ecommerce cart can have integration with PayPal. It means that merchants can start accepting payments instantly. Vendors can connect the paid option of Mals ecommerce with a merchant account. It also has more useful features than the free service.  Free option serves as a sort of an introductory offer. Mal’s ecommerce shopping cart allows upgrades of free options to Premium. Most likely, many merchants take their free versions to the next level and purchase the Premium version which costs only eight dollars a month. Another convenient feature of shopping cart based on Mal’s ecommerce is that it Is entirely portable.


When you get Mal’s ecommerce account, you can login and use the Dashboard to run your shopping cart. Merchants need some very basic knowledge of HTML though. Plugging HTML-based codes containing links on the website is necessary. The buttons contain text “Add to Cart.” By clicking on them, shoppers can add products to the shopping cart and continue to checkout. Then customers will enter shipping details. There is also an option for immediate payment with PayPal. Merchants can also choose to combine Mal’s ecommerce cart with Google Checkout.


Mal’s ecommerce premium version costs only eight bucks. Vendors can integrate it with the merchant account. Another option is to use it with PayPal Payments Pro. Premium version has better shipment calculator along with other excellent tools and functionality.


So, let’s think. Is Mal’s ecommerce shopping cart an ideal solution or does it have any shortcomings? One of the drawbacks is not adequate client support. Mal, who runs this shopping cart, doesn’t have enough time to answer calls or emails with inquiries. Another weak point is a shipment calculator. It can be confusing at times. However, once you get used to it, it works OK.


Mals ecommerce has a short timeout option. Customers can access their carts within a 90-minute window, which may not be enough for some people. More sophisticated shopping carts can remain available online for days. So, this is a feature that can be considered a sort of drawback.


Various organizations and people have created programs that merchants can integrate with Mals ecommerce shopping cart. Loads of HTML-based forms are available for Mals ecommerce. Merchants can find many code snippets too. This site is overseen by clients, for clients!


Integration of this shopping cart with Quickbooks is also an uncomplicated task. To begin, you should just mark the appropriate checkbox when setting up the cart. The next step is making an account at a third-party company called “Traxian.” Then follow the rest of the steps to get a connection to your Quickbooks data. With Mals ecommerce shopping cart there are no item limitations. You can have any number of “Buy Now” buttons on your site so you can offer any number of  items.


Your items can have the required amount of options. Also, it is possible to have drop down lists. Merchants can add radio buttons as well. Mals ecommerce also has a lot of philanthropy organizations (charities) using its platform. It is possible for them to make a “Donate” button and place on the site. Philanthropists have the opportunity to put the amount they are willing to give to the charity.


Gift certificate options provided by Mals ecommerce are a wonderful approach to develop any business. They help to enhance client’s loyalty. Rewards to loyal clients appear to be an excellent method to boost sales.


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