They function thousands of times throughout a year, but there’re times when they fall short. When a garage door won’t open it can be the starting of major issues. The obvious issues are inconvenience pursued by safety & security.

Garage door problems fall into 2 major groups: electric & physical. let’s have a look at each one of them.


Electrical causes:
If the overhead door won’t open when you employ the remote, but it’ll when you use the wall switch, it’s expected that the batteries of your remote require to be substituted. Tha’s a pretty straight-forward fix. If the batteries are running, but the door remains closed, then the opener probably have reprogrammed itself. Again, getting the remote & the door opener back into sync is effortless.

Another potential issue that won’t need garage door repair is if the entire building has experienced a  power cut or if the door’s governing breaker has been thrown.

Two other potentials causes are more complicated to fix, and will perhaps force you to call a garage door repair professional in Springfield. If you can use the remote switch to open the door, but can’t use the wall switch to do so, the issue lies with that switch. Old switches do malfunction at times. For example, the wire burns out sometime. It’s wise to have the switch replaced completely with a new one that’ll have inbuilt safety features.

The other main fault appears itself when the electric outlet has power, the door remains closed and you also find that there’s no light. This strictly displays that the circuit board has gone really bad. Lighting is one of the most common destroyers of circuit boards. Call a professional and substitute the total circuit board.

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Physical causes:
Commercial garage doors are often vulnerable to injury from awfully driven vehicles & mishandling of bulky equipment.

If a door’s track is bent due to an impact, the bend will get worse. If the overhead door falls short to open due to the bend, you may require to substitute the total track, substitute some of the rollers & line up the door. Accidents & old age also have their impact on door wires. Damaged wires can cause severe personal injury, and they’ll refrain the door from opening. A busted torsion spring is also a considerable issue. Only an expert in this field should try to substitute or fix a broken overhead door spring.

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