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What is an Online or Internet Pharmacy?


According to Wikipedia:

An online pharmacy, Internet pharmacy, or mail-order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the Internet and sends the orders to customers through the mail or shipping companies.


Rogue Online Pharmacy

Rogue online pharmacies are websites that deliberately sell inferior, fake or unlicensed medication. Rogue Web-based pharmacies may also sell legitimate, regulated medications; however, these pharmacies do not use certain safeguards to protect patients’ health.


What is a Mail Order Pharmacy?

A pharmacy which fills faxed, emailed or phoned prescriptions, sending the drug products to a distant 
in a matter of days.

It’s easy to confuse mail-order pharmacies and online pharmacies, but the only similarity is that both ship medicines directly to your home.


Growth of the Online Pharmacy

·        Availability of High-Speed Internet Connectivity

·        Growth in the Use of Personal Computers and Smart Phones

·        Availability of Broader Range of Online Medical Products


Why Do People Use Online Pharmacies

·        Low-Cost Prescriptions

·        Convenience

·        Availability

·        Anonymity


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