Black pearls are a colorful alternative to pristine, white pearls. These pearls get their color from nacre that has black coloring in it. The black color of the pearl is imbibed from the nacre produced by the oyster. Since this phenomenon is popular amongst the mollusks of Tahiti region, Tahitian pearls are not so easy to find; and therefore, to meet the demands of jewelry buyers, these are cultured to get desirable numbers.


Here is why you should buy Tahitian black pearls


Like many gemstones, Tahitian black pearls also have energy of their own. These pearls are considered lucky and are perceived as harbinger of good times and prosperous future. There are a number of beliefs associated with these pearls. Most common among these is that Tahitian pearls are considered the symbol of wealth. The rare occurrence and limited availability make them relevant symbol of prosperity.


According to Chinese mythology, these pearls are seen as symbol of wisdom. Chinese people believe that the dragon head is the house of black pearls, and so, these accents are representatives of wisdom. These are mostly presented to ensure that the wearer is able to make wise decisions and grow his knowledge fast.


How to wear Tahitian pearls


These catchy, black-colored pearls are attractive and score exceptionally high on appeal and grandeur. The fashion quotient gets a boost when women choose to wear Tahitian pearls with black colored and other dark colored evening dresses. These pearls are liked a lot because of overtones and make astonishing style statements when chosen to team with bold dresses.


These offer perfect, stylish contrast to cream and off-white dresses too, helping you stand out amazingly in an event.


So, get the power of looks as well as charm with Tahitian pearl jewelry and go one up in your style while dressing for that special moment you have been waiting for since long.