Have been utilizing Line 50 for a very long time with no issues, at that point today it has all of a sudden quit reacting and wont run. Any recommendations? I quit paying for help since i never expected to utilize it. When you say it has quit working, do you mean the screen has solidified or you can't login? Do you have the most recent rendition? I move beyond login, however then it stops and windows says its quit reacting! Is it a significant old rendition you are utilizing? In spite of the fact that I wouldnt have suspected that would have any effect. I have heard before that occasionally on the off chance that you shut the framework around not leaving accurately it can solidify the product. Have you taken a stab at reestablishing to a go down? You may need to re-key some data, however maybe it may be justified, despite all the trouble to get the framework working once more... I have attempted to reload the reinforcement, yet with a similar reaction! Niall What form number of Sage and what rendition of Windows? On the off chance that you telephone Sage straightforwardly, would not simply give you help as you such a long standing client of their item?  The guidelines (which originated from a post on sageforum.co.uk of which I am arbitrator) underneath will enable you to do a full uninstall and reinstall. You should just do this on the off chance that you don't have Sage Payroll introduced also. Before you begin ensure you take a duplicate of the ACCDATA and MEMO organizers and, on the off chance that you have any changed designs, you may likewise need to duplicate the REPORTS and LAYOUTS envelopes as well. Other gathering clients have detailed this solved the issue at the same time, as it includes physically erasing records/registries, you tail it completely at your own particular hazard. No yet you could give making a go SageCover and then ringing them? Or, on the other hand, then again Support site appears to propose may essentially be a bug in the product which has been settled in later updates - Niallmonaghan have you checked if there's any uninstalled refreshes for your variant? So you're informed Johndon68 is very idea of on here and I know he's tackled many individuals' issues with Sage My thinking is that it is the system links. These have been changed thus they are the imaginable guilty parties. I would run some genuine testing on it. User may try to turned off verification after backup complete , if problem still same dial SAGE 50 Technical Support Phone Number and find the fixes of this issue .


would be exceptionally thankful in the event that anybody could help, shed any light,on what might be going on? We are running Sage 50 Prof 2009 ( on Vista - one client/one organization (information hung on organization server) and have been with no real running issues since first introduced. recenltly i have been encountering "not reacting" on a few occaisions once in a while when endeavoring to spare screens after information passage - this has caused information debasement and i have needed to reestablish to a past "clean" reinforcement, and at different circumstances when just leaving/entering a screen (no information section, so no genuine issue). what happens(for illustration bank/customes receipts)is that when wrapped up the information lines you go to squeeze "spare" this catch then just "grays out" and you get the holding up cursor flag - nothing else. In the event that you at that point enter the undertaking administrator it says that wise 50 program and the procedure you are in are both not reacting. indeed, even in the wake of sitting tight for at some point it appears the best way to sort it is to compel closed down, - run mistake check and if fundamental reestablish go down. this has occurred no less than twelve times in the last 4-5 weeks and is getting to some degree "tedious" for need of a superior word ! We have an it fellow who has investigated my pc - tidied up framework records/HDD/enhanced the slam and so on, as we figured it could be a hard product issue yet this has not done anything. For information we have quite recently completed, yet not yet close down sage , our year end for Dec 2013. We additionally as of late moved workplaces yet i have been guaranteed that the system and my pc are imparting similarly as some time recently. any assistance would be especially valued (in any event thoughts) before i wind up tossing it out of the workplace window....... BusinessWorks 2015 sp8: Any endeavored reinforcement is met with solidified "not reacting" screen. Attempted the dbregister technique for separating clients. Still no go Perhaps an administration pack has injured this? Any exhortation welcome.

Attempt these means from Article #18617 "Moderate reinforcement dispatch or reinforcement does not seem to dispatch" Install the latest Service Pack for 2012 or move up to Version 2015, if the issue holds on Backup to a neighborhood envelope and duplicate the reinforcement to an organizer on the system drive - Contact bolster at 800-447-5700 to make a case to clear the area in the SMPersistance table if the reinforcement won't dispatch following 5-10 minutes sometimes, even after the SMPersistance table is cleared the reinforcement is still moderate. In the event that gradualness perseveres, move all .compress reinforcement records out of the default reinforcement envelope on the system or neighborhood drive to another organizer with the goal that the default organizer is void. Reinforcement falling flat at 99% Backup is never made as well as accidents the program Backup is cold Backup comes up short at WORKTKT.DAT Backup stops at 98% on temp document inside particular organization organizer Backup doesn't finish on the grounds that the Attachments envelope is too extensive Backup comes up short complet esuccessfully Backup slows down on a record when sparing Use alert when working with the beneath item usefulness. Continuously make a reinforcement of your information before continuing with cutting edge arrangements. On the off chance that fundamental, look for the help of a qualified Sage business accomplice, organize manager, or Sage client bolster investigator. I require some assistance. I am utilizing Simply Accounting 2008 Accountant's Edition and recently every time I endeavor to do a reinforcement or leave the program it bolts up and goes into a "not reacting" mode. Would someone be able to help me? Much appreciated ahead of time.

Much obliged to you for your recommendation yet lamentably I attempted it and it didn't work. When I endeavor to go down or quiets down Simply it solidifies down. I for the most part reinforcement on my hard drive. Some other proposals? Any assistance is valued. I am having this same issue. I'm utilizing Premium 2011 on Windows 7, for about 2 months. At first everything worked fine - reinforcements would just take a couple of minutes, yet around 2 weeks back I began having issues. Nothing has changed with my PC - no new projects or equipment. I could do a move down a week ago, however it took around 60 minutes. I began the go down, left the PC and let it do its thing. I've striven for two hours toward the beginning of today to do a move down - not reacting. The same with leaving not reacting. For each Simply Accounting database, there will be a little document with a .SAI expansion, and a coordinating catalog, with a .SAJ augmentation. What is the span of the .SAJ envelope (check the properties with Windows pilgrim. All the reinforcement does, is to package every one of these records together into one document, with a .CAB augmentation. I've known about the reinforcements winding up inside the database organizer, and being repackaged inside every reinforcement, so the span of the reinforcement, and the time, about pairs each time you run it. The .SAJ organizer ought to become consistently bigger with time. In the event that it's bigger than 500 MB, there could be a few .CAB reinforcements (or different documents) inside it.


The span of my reinforcement document is too enormous; I can't spare a reinforcement Sage 50 winds up plainly lethargic while making a reinforcement Sage 50 moves toward becoming stops while making a reinforcement Backup process is taking too long Why is the measure of my reinforcement record too huge? (eg they twofold in scrutinize to 2 GB) I have a few issues to reestablish my reinforcements, insufficient space or it requires to much investment to reestablish or spare the reinforcement Error: "can't confirm the respectability of the reinforcement" The extent of my reinforcement copies each time I reinforcement my organization information Every time I reinforcement my organization information, the .taxicab record is double the size it was since the last reinforcement Sage 50 Backup solidifies When I attempt to reinforcement our organization it doesn't begin, it just remains on the handling" message for quite a while. At that point it solidifies Simply Accounting and I need to press to exit, and it doesn't reinforcement! What would i be able to do to settle this and reinforcement our organization? I can't disclose to you how to settle it, we don't have enough data to comprehend what's off-base. If you don't mind attempt: Right-tap on the .SAJ envelope (this is the MySQL Database that stores your information), and snap "Properties" How enormous is it? What are the greater part of the settings in the reinforcement window? (document and index names) Especially, what is the correct area of the records you are going down, and what is the area you are moving down to? In the event that you are on a system, what kind? Are the drives mapped, or do you utilize UNC way names? Amid the reinforcement, would you be able to utilize the Windows Task Manager to check whether anything is going on? (i.e. is the CPU demonstrating 100% usage? Which forms?) Have you taken a stab at beginning the reinforcement toward the finish of a day, and checking it in the morning? Which rendition, and Edition of Simply Accounting, and which adaptation of Windows would you say you are utilizing? Which Antivirus/Anti-Malware? Was this once working, and now never again works? Is it true that you are signed in with adequate get to rights?

The motivation behind the initial two inquiries was to learn whether a roundabout reinforcement is the reason. Yet, how about we go nearer to the main driver: Could you please forward this issue to your Development individuals, as a bug? Truly, it ought to have been an easy decision to anybody dealing with the code, regardless of the possibility that it wasn't in the outline detail, that going down to the source catalog won't work, and it ought to be kept from happening. Approval of source and target is the most essential prerequisite for a working reinforcement framework. As far back as DOS 2.0 touched base with it's new 'subdirectory include' in 1983, it's been important to notice, and stop, a roundabout duplicate before it executes! Peachtree user get in touch with SAGE Peachtree Support Number  to know which service pack needed for your accounting software and update it .


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