I introduced Sage 50 genius version on my server (Four CPU AMD opteron 16 center with 16 G of RAM with RAID 10 mode and 225 MB of download on my web) I as of now attempt all that you folks said in regards to the cradle in MySQLi put this one from 1m to 128M to 500m and the association chief I likewise put this one 56mb to 5000mb!!! also, no change!!! My documents are not that vast. The bigger one is around 60mb of information I know without a doubt the issue don't originate from my server since when I run sage 50 even with the cushion set to 5000M the % of utilization for the cpu is around 2% and memory around 20% so there a considerable measure and a great deal of space for execution here and I don't see it with sage 50 My gues is.. is it an issue in the program itself? It's important to take the company database on SAGE 50 Cloud, which help to restore SAGE in case error occurred or system crash.


It occur on each windows of sage for instance heading off to a report it solidify then it begin to go speedier for like 3 or 4 more clic (exchanging windows and going to deals or buys and afterward it solidify once more) et cetera ..quick and stop 10 sec.. quick and stop... - yes the solidifying happens haphazardly - Yes it demonstrate no reacting on errand administrator however like I said just for only10 sec then it begin running quick once more (the program did not stop - yes I checked the eventviewer yet like I said just 10% of my RAM is USE and just 2% of my four CPU are utilize - I run other program like Office (viewpoint) Exchange server... Quickbook... what's more, Xactimate in a similar time that I run Sage 50 and the other program are to a great degree quick and don't solidify like sage does The server is in my office and I associate with the server Remotely from my home .. what's more, I have a go at running sage on the server (Live) and furthermore on the remote desktop session and both stop I endeavored to expand the association administrator I put it to 3500mb rather than 56! also, the cradle size of de dbengine from 1 to 128 to,256 to,512M and NO change!

Hello a debt of gratitude is in order for the assistance however yes I remotely interface with my server a hour back in organization rdp session and I uninstalled Sage 50 and all segment identified with Simply bookkeeping ... I introduced it again and it work truly quick in my organization session BUT. here is the issue... as I was associated in organization RDP session I additionally interface as an other client (RDP) like my representatives does and on that session Sage 50 was truly moderate so essentially every time I have at least two RDP session interface with my server, SAGE 50 run quick yet solidify constantly and each time only i'm on a rdp session and interface as a head there is no stop and everything run super quick! Off kilter I had introduced TS!! at the present time I'm associated with my server remotely from my office and I compose this message on a RDP session ! On the off chance that I go on my undertaking supervisor I likewise observe that there are 10 clients at the present time interface through RDP on my server ! what's more, they are on the whole taking a shot at sage 50 ! (those are my representatives 6 in the workplace and 4 at home) 

So here i'm attempting to discover why Sage 50 is so moderate when 2 client or more associate by means of RDP to the server ? furthermore, as i said my server is truly quick so it not assume to be a probleme regardless of the possibility that there 100 client associate with it ! Uninstalled sage and reinstalled - Desactivate the Antivirus - Connect to my server as an Admin (just a single RDP session - Connect to my server as and Admin and associate one of my representatives to the server no change as yet solidifying we take a shot at different rde session and every session open one organization. While introducing, program solidifies amid step 3 of 3 of the establishment wizard Occurs amid establishment Can likewise happen amid a repair Occurs amid establishment of the Sage Payroll Services This arrangement requires propelled information of your PC's working framework. Contact your framework manager for help. Adjusting your Windows Registry inaccurately can seriously influence framework operations. Sage is not in charge of operation issues caused by mistakenly altering your Windows Registry. Continuously make a reinforcement of your information before continuing with cutting edge arrangements. Sage Customer Support does not give help to issues identified with outsider items or improvements, equipment, report customizations, state or government charge related inquiries, or particular bookkeeping questions. If you don't mind contact your Sage business accomplice, organize executive, or bookkeeper for help. If you don't mind audit this record for extra data on the extent of Sage Customer Support Services.

About a month back I composed a section commending the considerable things that Patch Tuesday has improved the situation clients and the business. Regardless I have confidence in it, yet I couldn't have picked a more terrible time to compose it. In the weeks that took after, Microsoft clients have encountered a rule of blunder under Windows Update. A couple of days after my segment showed up, Microsoft was compelled to pull back two August patches, starting with a fix for Outlook Web Access in Exchange Server. The surrey code in this fix turns out, incidentally, to be composed by Oracle, yet that is neither here nor there: Microsoft conveyed it as a major aspect of their item and it caused issues on Exchange Server 2013. The second fix they pulled back was for ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), however they re-discharged it a couple of days after the fact. The issue most clients report is that, even in the wake of introducing the fix, Windows Update reports that it is not introduced. Regardless of the possibility that you physically introduce the independent rendition of the fix, which seems to introduce effectively, Windows Update still reports that you have to introduce it. Go to Programs and Features and take a gander at the introduced updates and you'll see the refresh there (assigned by its KB number, KB2810009). You can uninstall it and attempt once more, however it won't have any kind of effect. I couldn't run Office programs again until the point that I utilized System Restore to return the framework to pre-Patch Tuesday. I haven't seen a reaction from Microsoft on this one.

It isn't so much that Microsoft couldn't care less. They put huge assets into refreshing their product. I got some information about this most recent example and Dustin Childs, Group Manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, answered: "The nature of security refreshes is basic to our clients, and it is a high need for us as well. We are effectively taking a gander at where changes can be made with the objective of diminishing usage issues, and we will stay straightforward with our clients about security dangers, insurances and refresh issue determination." Below this article is an implanted video about Microsoft's security refreshing procedure including Childs. Reinforcement coming up short at 99% Backup is never made as well as accidents the program Backup is cold Backup falls flat at WORKTKT.DAT Backup delays at 98% on temp record inside particular organization envelope Backup doesn't finish in light of the fact that the Attachments organizer is too substantial Backup neglects to finish effectively Backup slows down on a document when sparing Use alert when working with the beneath item usefulness. Continuously make a reinforcement of your information before continuing with cutting edge arrangements. In the event that essential, look for the help of a qualified Sage business accomplice, organize chairman, or Sage client bolster investigator. The extent of my reinforcement record is too huge; I can't spare a reinforcement Sage 50 ends up plainly inert while making a reinforcement Sage 50 moves toward becoming stops while making a reinforcement Backup process is taking too long Why is the measure of my reinforcement document too enormous? (eg they twofold in examine to 2 GB) I have a few issues to reestablish my reinforcements, insufficient space or it requires to much investment to reestablish or spare the reinforcement Error: "can't check the trustworthiness of the reinforcement" The span of my reinforcement copies each time I reinforcement my organization information Every time I reinforcement my organization information, the .taxicab document is double the size it was since the last reinforcement Sage 50 Backup solidifies.

Peachtree 2009 has started solidifying up every now and again when I am changing starting with one organization then onto the next, some of the time when I am going to spare and pretty much some other time. Today I entered a major General Journal Entry and when I went to spare it PT solidified. The main way out is "Ctl,Alt,Delete". Nothing else in the PC is influenced, just PT. Now and again subsequent to shutting I can't get back in and need to reboot however not generally. I have defraged, and expanded the memory in my PC from the first 512k to 2G. That truly speeded up the PC yet has not repaired the solidifying. My PC is a PC - running XP and has every one of the updates. I went to the connection you gave, downloaded the fix, took after the directions and checked my own particular organization however there wasn't anything amiss with the information. Since it solidifies up whenever in any organization I presume it may be the program and not information documents. Today it solidified 3 times in my own particular organization. Would i be able to reinstall Peachtree without harming any of the organizations? Just 2009 does this, 2006 doesn't. I think about whether by any possibility 2009 is shouting for more space. My hard drive is 80G with 18G free. I recall a couple of years back my old PC had bunches of issues and a tech disclosed to me my hard drive was smashing. Nothing worked right, notwithstanding printing. I got another PC and as I was putting my times of assessment programs on the new PC and uninstalling them off the old PC it speeded up impressively. Despite the fact that it indicated 1/4 of the hard drive free - by one means or another it required more than that to procedure movement. Is it conceivable that is the issue with 2009? Whenever a user feels that Back up process is taking too much than dial SAGE 50 Tech Support Number to find out whether or problem in SAGE Software or network.

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