Wrinkles are a problem that affects a lot of women today. And if you are a woman over 30, you probably are well acquainted with the problem. To be fair, there is no specific age that signals the onset of wrinkles for a person. But 35 years was thought to be the time when women started undergoing the aging process. However, once you think about modern day problems, you see why most cosmetologists consider 30 years as a standard. It is common to see relatively younger women visiting skin care experts for procedures like Botox London.

Reasons for wrinkles

But why such a reduction in age? Well the answers lie in 21st century problems. In fact most experts consider stress to be a primary contributing factor. With women gunning for lucrative careers in this modern day stress comes with the job.

Another factor is exposure to ultra violet rays. Even lifestyle choices like smoking and sleeping less prove to be prime causes. Therefore you will cause your own ageing if you do not lead a healthy life.

Another major contributor is air pollution. Researchers have found that pollutants like NO2 and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs contribute to wrinkles. They even cause general premature ageing.

In fact research at Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine shows PMs, another pollutant, causes age spots. Therefore problems like ageing and wrinkles are common in big cities. This is why you will often find women over 30 often opting for chemical peel London.

Treatments available

Wrinkles need some very specific ad targeted treatment. This is not something any physician can treat. It needs expertise. Therefore whenever you feel you have been afflicted with those irregularities, make sure you visit a qualified dermatologist or cosmetologist. There are a lot of procedures that are available for treating wrinkles.

Some of these are:

  • Topical agents and lotions
  • Fillers
  • Facelift surgery
  • Botox
  • Chemical peel
  • Laser resurfacing

Now almost all of them are quite effective. However topical agents sometimes do not work for certain patients. In fact, women with severe wrinkles are often not satisfied with this mode of treatment.

As a result, women often go for more invasive procedures like laser resurfacing, Botox, facelift chemical peel London solutions.

Botox London is the most popular

While some women are happy with over the counter topical lotions some want invasive procedures. And among all invasive ones none can match Botox in popularity. In most major cities this procedure is a rage among women over 30.

As a matter of fact most celebrities and models themselves trust this procedure. So there you have your validation. The reason why so many women go for Botox therapy in
Cosmedocs UK is because it yields the best results.

Also, it is a no-frill solution. You do not even need an anaesthetic at times. The dermatologist just calls you to his office and injects the chemical to the location that needs treatment. That’s all.

Evidently any dermatologist can do it in his office without you having to stay overnight. Best thing is that results are visible after mere days. Therefore, if you are a woman over 30 and wrinkles hinder your youthful looks, go to a cosmetologist and get yourself a Botox London.