Statement wall art or furniture is nothing new: the aesthetic virtues of sprucing up your space with vibrant pieces of home furnishing have been long extolled. However, among all the mention of couches, chairs, paintings, vases, end tables and lamps, we often forget about one of the most striking and pervasive pieces of home decor available: your rug. 

Here's why you need to start using a statement rug right now. 

1) Brighten Your Room

This rug from Designer Rugs adds a breath of fresh air to a relatively monochromatic space.

If your room looks like a mausoleum, it’s time to use a statement rug to breathe some fresh life into your space. A statement rug is both a striking and subtle way to achieve this end. How? Because while it isn’t on eye level, it provides powerful periphery style to your home. Use colour or a bold pattern, and watch the magic happen.

2) Bring Your Space Together

A statement rug is a wonderful way to bring your room together, and it works particularly well with spaces that feature different styles. For instance, a beautiful Persian rug can tie boho chic decor together with Greco-Roman accents, since the rug’s classic appeal embodies a unifying sentiment of both styles.

3) Shows Your Personality

One of the reasons the home decor industry is so lucrative and popular is because it draws on and appeals to the different personalities of different people. There is no reason you should play it safe just to stick with a style that doesn’t even reflect your aesthetic. 

Learn to love your space by selecting a statement rug that truly speaks to you - that makes you happy and brings you joy every time you enter that room. If bold floral appeals to your inner romantic, then get a rug featuring a beautiful and irrepressible floral design. If you want to add some controlled chaos to an otherwise orderly room, select a rug with an unapologetically crazy pattern. 

Some final considerations...

Above all, don’t shortchange yourself on your statement rug: look around and invest in a quality piece from a reputable designer. Rugs can last for decades, even generations, so you are purchasing something that could potentially grace the floor of a home for lifetimes. Moreover, if you buy a cheap rug with pile that can’t withstand day-to-day wear, you’ll just have to get another. In the end, you’ll spend more money replacing shoddy rugs than you would have if you’d just invested in one good quality option to begin with. 

Images from Designer Rugs