Stunning scenery, time with the family, exploring states that you have never been to before... What other reason do you need to plan a winter road trip this fall? While you might normally prefer a winter staycation over spending hours in the car, taking the time to plan a US winter road trip is sure to help you and your family create some incredible memories from this year. Planning a road trip is a great way to explore sights that are both near, and far, from home – not to mention it’s a lot cheaper than spending your holiday bonus on an expensive overseas trip too. So what are you waiting for? Here’s why you should buckle up this fall.

cost cutting travel

Cost cutting

If you normally spend a small fortune on exotic holidays overseas, then this could be your year to make a change. Why not look closer to home and take a road trip? Even if you don’t much enjoy the thought of staying in the US, there are plenty of states where the season is milder, meaning you can chase the sun and top up your tan. Faced by a super strict budget? Keep an eye out for offers at sites of interest and make the most of coupons – sandwiches reign over expensive lunches out if you are keeping your spending in check. Don’t be too much of a Scrooge though, you are on vacation after all.


Choosing a road trip over a planned vacation also gives you a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to timing and your itinerary. You won’t spend hours stuck in airport check in, or sat on a plane either. Taking a road trip means you can go back to basics and be a lot more relaxed – ideal if you are a control freak looking to switch off.

There’s no reason to be too laid back when it comes to making sure your vehicle is road trip ready. Do be sure to book in for a full service before your trip; Prius car repairs can help with all makes of vehicles. Get your car winter ready by packing a few essentials, such as a blanket, a flashlight and a spade just in case you encounter adverse weather. Keep the hot drinks to hand to keep your entire travel party hydrated, and enjoy the open road!

Family time

We all lead increasingly busy lives, and at times, it can be difficult to go back to basics and truly switch off. Planning a road trip need be as organized as you want to make it. If you usually book all your accommodation in advance, why not leave it to chance? Drag the kids away from the TV screen and get everyone in the car and out on the road, it’s a great way to spend more time with your family and to explore and enjoy whatever takes your family’s fancy – from canyons and hiking trails, to museums and old battlefields.