The advances in automotive electronics are evolving, both in car entertainment and GPS navigation systems, or security systems such as ESP, which are heavily equipped on a wide range of vehicles. Relative Sensor to the mechanical parts, in the maintenance of the time, the owners are not too much attention to these electronic configuration, especially some usually not particularly concerned about the maintenance of the sensor parts. In fact, in the cold weather of winter, these systems may also be frozen.

  The electronic configuration on the car, no matter how complicated, is composed of sensors, control units, actuators, connecting wires and so on. These parts in the automotive electronic system are very sophisticated and have high requirements for the use of the environment. Of the lack of maintenance of electronic components, cleaning is not in place has become an important cause of failure. In the winter, due to the sudden drop in temperature, coupled with wind and rain and haze days, car sensors are susceptible to dust pollution, or because Suction Control Valve of the loss of cold and heat loss accuracy, and sensor sensitivity and accuracy once the decline will directly lead to rely on steering wheel angle Sensor and wheel speed sensor ESP, ACC and other system accuracy decreased, serious also can cause the vehicle can not run normally.

   When the weather is cold, the owner should pay more attention to the airbag warning light on the dashboard, the indicator panel on the vehicle dashboard, under normal circumstances, the ignition switch to the ON position, the warning light will be about Six seconds or so, for self-test, and then go out. If the warning light has been lit or flashing, it indicates that the airbag system is faulty and should be Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor repaired immediately to avoid a safety accident. Airbags and ABS is the most familiar and winter maintenance is the most in need of inspection. Should be in every 10,000 to 20,000 km after the 4S shop to check the airbag and its accessories, if you can carry out effective maintenance, the use of up to ten years.

  In addition, the winter car easy to produce static electricity, do not let the balloon and built-in acceleration sensor and other sensors in an electrostatic environment, so as not to cause the airbag error to open; but also to avoid accidental bumps, vibration airbag sensor, so as to avoid airbags suddenly start, If the vehicle is fitted with a side airbag and the side airbag is mounted fuel metering valve on the seat, do not install the seat cover, especially the winter cotton and wool sets. As another common safety equipment ABS, in the winter will also encounter failure. ABS vehicles, each wheel has ABS sensor, winter ABS sensor is easy to be covered by snow and ice, leading to ABS failure, so the timely cleaning of tires in winter is very important.