With the advent of cross-border sharing of the economy, for the wisdom of urban construction, equipped with lighting in the carrier on the monitor, micro base stations, display, charging piles, audio and video, GPS, sensors, environmental information collection, Alarm, water level measuring instrument, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, emergency lighting equipment Sensor and other system hardware production, has basically achieved a professional, standardized, generalized, these reasonable structure, easy installation and maintenance subsystem hardware , Through the intelligent lighting management subsystem background interaction, in the wisdom of the city system engineering plays an irreplaceable role in leading. Integrated brightness sensor, support wireless RF Mesh network; support voltage, current, power, power factor, energy metering; support lighting equipment dynamic control. Agile controller: the core control components, intelligent terminals, Agile Gateway unified management platform; through the standard northbound interface to the application system open, easy to partners according to the actual needs of customers, the development of differentiated lighting control management system.

   In 2005, with the wisdom of urban construction as a business platform to intelligent street network for business operations, while carrying out intelligent home R \u0026 D, and constantly expand the scope of the scope of business and sales channels, has completed the Shanghai Center, Shanghai Jinling of the capital, Shandong Province Linyi County and other wisdom projects, these projects Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to wisdom lighting as the core of the wisdom of urban construction demonstration projects, become the most influential intelligent lighting system solutions service providers and wisdom community, wisdom park, intelligent city overall solution service providers. Focus on expanding new 'smart home' and 'smart security' business. In the North American market launched the first 'intelligent security wall lamp' to introduce 'preventive security' concept, the effective burglary prevention before the event did not occur. 'Intelligent security wall lamp' uses the industry's leading hardware configuration, combined with intelligent control, real-time monitoring, remote call, video recognition, cloud storage and other innovative features in one, with leading products of image analysis capabilities, from the image to capture possible Wei, information, real-time through the Internet ABS Sensor for remote warning, and suspicious behavior of the cloud storage, to achieve security effects.

  Intelligent lighting is in the sharing of the economy, the lighting industry science and technology workers and the community of science and technology workers cross-border joint innovation crystallization. Intelligent lighting to people and people activities of the space as the core, the trend of natural development as a trend to achieve harmony between man and nature more harmonious as the goal, the people's lives and work more convenient and more happy as their responsibility. In the intelligent lighting industry chain has been perfect and easy Throttle Position Sensor  to run the moment, intelligent lighting to create a landless 'light, net, cloud' Internet of things, not only for the wisdom of urban construction provides a new way of thinking, and has been set up A golden bridge to the city of wisdom. Therefore, the wisdom of lighting as a wise city construction leader worthy of deserving!