Advanced tech and discount brokerages totally changed the investment game, especially for small investors. Before they were required to subscribe to regular brokerage services that included consultancy and were ridiculously expensive.


Today everyone can lay their investment online, by using services of brokerage firms that charge much smaller fees and provide long list of services that include investments in different securities like: stocks, real estate, insurance plans, 401(k)s, binary options, forex, etc. Even households with the smallest income, can now afford laying investments that can bring them high dividends and change their life to the better.


Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Market and it is the largest market in the world. More than $4 trillion worth of transactions occur on Forex every day and it is also known as the market that never closes due to time zone regime. When Forex exchange closes in United States, the one in Japan opens, than in Europe and so on. Although most people think that only big national institutions and corporations are able to trade here, this market provides great investment opportunities for people with small monthly income.

One of the reasons for this is great liability that enables traders to trade with millions of dollars, by laying only one or few thousand worth of down-payment. Although this sounds highly risky, it is possible because Forex is one of the least dynamic markets in the world. On forex market money can be viewed as a commodity, and depending on the currency rate quotes commodities you bought can worth more or less. That is the basic principle of this market, and since these quotes move very slowly, Forex is known to be the least risky market out of all. Trading on Forex also comes with some other benefits, including:

  • It has fewer rules- there are no clearing houses and a central governing body to control all the transactions.

  • There are no commissions- brokers earn money on currency price difference in time of buying and selling.

  • Forex has no limits- no limits how much money you can buy or sell.

  • Easy to get in and to get out- currencies are easy to buy and sell, purchases happen with a click of a button.

Binary Options

These options come with only two possible outcomes. In positive one, the binary option buyer receives the payment of option’s full worth, which is always set at $100, while in negative one he/she loses everything. These options are fixed with both time and outcome, which makes them one of the most specific securities. Simplicity is the binary option’s major benefit. Their prices may vary depending on the chances for positive outcome to happen, but it can’t exceed $100, which is why we added them to this list.


Binary options can be traded on platforms regulated by SEC, as well as over the internet without any regulation. Investors should choose to buy binary options traded on regulated platforms, because the ones with no regulation are often used for fraudulent purposes.

Example of Binary Option:

-Whether the share price of Yahoo! Inc. will be above $33 on 3rd March 2016 at 5:00 pm?

If the share price of the mentioned company exceeded $33 binary option owner is paid in full and he/she gets $100, if the price is above $33 binary option owner gets nothing.


Penny Stocks

Penny or micro-cap stocks are stocks that bear worth less than $5 per share. This definition might vary depending on the local legislation, since in UK for example these are the stocks that worth less than one pound per share, as elaborated in this guide. Penny stocks are mostly shares of small and newly founded companies and therefore one of the biggest problems for penny stock traders is how to find the right information about company’s performance on the market.


Although penny stocks are known to be one of the most volatile securities, there are many millionaires who earn their fortune by trading these stocks, since penny stock market is known to be one of the most dynamic investment environments. They are mostly sold over the counter on smaller exchanges like OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets. Since penny stock exchanges are more loosely regulated than blue chip ones, investors need to be careful for many frauds that are lurking on penny stock market, including popular ones like pump-and-dump and short-and-distort. For getting the most out of penny stocks beginner investors are advised to make lots of inquires, before starting their trading career.