I'm sitting here looking at this new script for Cymbalta (duloxetine dr) 30 mgs. and terrified to take it because I've been taking Mirt. for over 20 years at doses between 15 & 30 mgs (15 for sleep & 30 for depression). I have no problem when I occasionally drop from 30 to 15 but I've been on 30 mg the longest time.  Doc said start Duloxetine and we will then begin Mirt. withdrawl within a week.  I'm afraid.  From reading here, it appears Mirt withdrawal can be long with a lot of undesirable side effects.  I don't want to second quess my doc but I just don't think I should start the new med until the Mirt is almost cleared from my system.  Any thots, suggestions, comments. welcome.


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