Our BC Home

The tried and tested concept of house sitting from both the home owners and sitters perspective is a win win. With credible references, police clearances and detailed profiles the "stranger" element of this mutually trusting arrangement is removed. Sitters come from many different backgrounds including law enforcement, veterinary professionals, animal welfare organizations, teachers, legal and medical professions, both John and I are retired execs with many years spent working in positions of trust. Our many grateful and happy clients around the world are proof positive that engaging a trusted house sitter is the recipe for happy, stress free pets and travel with absolute peace of mind. I know I have sitters in my home whenever John and I are on assignment which can be nine months of the year.
When they arrive to start our "sit" we're welcoming new found friends, never strangers!

Angela has been traveling the world for the past 40 years. Her career in International Marketing took her across Canada and the US and since the mid 80s has lived in Italy, N. Africa, India, Singapore and other parts of SE Asia with husband John, a Petroleum Engineer, now retired. Self-professed nomads with a shared passion for travel and animals, they continue to travel the world having adopted an affordable travel lifestyle: Pet and house sitting. Some five continents, many amazing homes and wonderful four legged friends later, Angela is the resident in-house expert, advising home owners and house sitters at Trusted House Sitters and a regular contributor to travel blogs sharing experiences of life away from the travel brochures, living like the locals. You can read more at www.housesittingperfected.com.