August 29, Wuxi Raul Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. was established and the first car off the assembly ceremony was held in Wuxi, the local government leaders, the industry's important customer representatives and the enterprise investment person in charge Sensor of the event, and watch the new car The The newly established Raul Special Purpose Vehicle (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Raul Industrial Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. in Wuxi Binhu Economic and Technological Development Zone. France Raul Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1963, in the commodity transport industry has 50 years of history, technical strength is very strong. And Wuxi East China Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a local private enterprises in Wuxi, in the local have a very big influence.
  As a joint venture between the two companies, Wuxi Raul has a solid backing in terms of financial, technical or local influence. The company is currently preparing for the full production to be actively prepared, and strive to achieve full capacity within three years to produce, the annual output reached 1,000. At the event site, Wuxi Raul exhibited a car just off the assembly line. The car to heavy truck HOWO T5G 6x2 after lifting the truck as the main chassis, the third axle with a follow-up steering function. The technical process of the top and trailer parts Pressure Sensor was introduced from the French Raul. All parts of the car are purchased from the domestic, can effectively reduce costs; and all the key parts of the whole car have been sent to France, through the Raul headquarters of professional testing, has a very high stability and reliability. The car in the car and SUV mixed with the case can load eight cars, vehicle height of 4.3 meters, and before and after not more than the body range, the total length of strict control within 22 meters.

  Raul is fully capable of controlling the total height of 4 meters, for most of China's current manufacturers, within the scope of regulations to enhance the loading may be technical problems, but for Raul, this 50 years of experience Business, to make this car to increase the load, consider whether the cost can be accepted by the market. At present, the central axis of the vehicle is a new member of the field of vehicle transportation, most companies are as a new product research and development, from the beginning to the volume into the market only a short span of 12 years to occupy the market as a low price strategy, this should not be the government Vigorously rule the results. So as a veteran manufacturers, in the development of product configuration must be considered when the price is suitable for national conditions. The previous car industry car, are the first choice Speed Sensor of the main car brand, and then with the coat and trailer trailer, so the production level of the axle trailer is subject to the constraints of the main car. In response to this problem, Wuxi Raul will work with many truck companies to establish their own requirements to the main car to suit Raul's products. So in the future, for the same Raul in the axis of the sedan, the user can choose a different brand of main chassis, but will not affect the number of vehicle loading, technical indicators.

  In the face of such a high standard in the axle sedan, it is only the most basic models of Wuxi Raul production, the price will try to be accepted by the public. Wuxi Raul hopes to make such a highly competitive model as active as possible in the market to promote the entire industry, the design of technological innovation. In the future, Raul's rich technical reserves will be able Throttle Position Sensor to respond to changes in the market at any time to meet the needs of customers higher. Raul's goal is to lead the development of the entire domestic axis of the sedan industry.