From the online exposure of the picture, the car is a 4 × 2 port tractor, the use of joint truck U-type cab. And the vehicle front face impressively written 'Yin Long new energy' and 'yinlong' words, can be described as a 'map' aroused the waves, we have begun Sensor to speculate on this modeling domineering side leakage of pure electric heavy truck, whether Yinlong And joint truck co-operation of the product, does it mean that Yinlong to enter the truck market.

  This is the port of the tractor is a strong witness to the cooperation, the car is equipped with Yinlong lithium titanate battery, in addition to this exposure models, the follow-up will also have a variety of pure electric vehicles. Since Miss Zhong Zhongyin Long, Yin Long has been the king of the topic. In December 2016, Dong Mingzhu personal, Dalian Wanda Group, Jingdong and CIMC Group and other five enterprises and individuals to increase investment shares Zhuhai Yinlong. It is noteworthy that it contains CIMC. The joint truck is by CIMC holding Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the truck business. It is understood that, as early as 2014, the joint truck on the new energy truck market developed a corresponding development plan, very optimistic about the new energy truck market. One is their own investment in new energy companies, one is holding their own and ready to get involved in the new energy market heavy truck vehicle business, with the set of this relationship, the two natural water riots.

  By the vehicle weight, price and other factors, pure electric heavy truck has not been able to cause the industry's general attention, only the liberation, the Grand Canal and other related products launched. This time, the joint truck with Yinlong launched pure electric truck, it can be said that the industry is another masterpiece. Joint truck This pure electric tractor, the use of silver long lithium titanate fast battery. Lithium titanate batteries to long life, charging time is short, the advantages of high security concern. The industry's view of lithium titanate is generally, lithium titanate Temperature Sensor is indeed a useful material, but the energy density is low, high cost is its most prominent problem, therefore, lithium titanate is more suitable for some special purpose electric vehicles, Such as mileage or line relatively fixed city bus, terminal tractor, mining cars and other models.

    For their own weight on the heavy truck, if taking into account the weight loss, equipped with low energy density, weight lithium battery lithium battery as a source of power, is tantamount to doubling the drawbacks of this. Moreover, the production cost of lithium titanate is high, if the joint truck selection of lithium titanate battery as a power source, is bound to increase production costs, which is the enterprise had to consider a major problem. After years of research and development, lithium titanate batteries are also constantly developing and improving. Today's lithium-ion battery energy density than the third generation of products increased by 60%, the cost is down by 40%, so it is still looking forward to Throttle Position Sensor  its heavy truck products on the performance. In fact, look at the long history of those properties there are some disadvantages but eventually overcome and become the mainstream technology, lithium titanate batteries become the future of one of the mainstream power battery is not impossible. With this truck from the joint truck and Yin Long cooperation in the development of heavy trucks come out, lithium titanate battery capacity will be further tested.