Ok, I'll start.

I'm 60. Have been doing yoga off and on over the years and do it well enough. Got a postcard announcing a yoga club coming my way--3 miles from home--and went to join right away. Charter member. For $75 a month, I go to as many classes as I want. I do Iyengar occasionally, Pilates on mat, body building type non-yoga classes, but mostly Vinyasa and another type adopted by the club.

At first, it wasn't a habit. It took a while. Now I go two to three times a week, sometimes even four. This brings what used to be an $18 a session class down to less than $9 depending upon my number of visits. Such a deal!

I can do different kinds of headstands away from the wall and I'm working on my handstand. Can't do arm balances quite yet, but give me time.

And talk about community! I've made friends who I adore. We FB each other now, some of us. The 6am crowd is a devoted clan, more or less. New members come and go depending upon their Groupon Coupon. Some, you can tell, thought they were serious yoginis--what is yoga anyway?--just a bunch of stretches with wierd names, right?

Well, NOT! I've lost inches, have visible tone and so much strength. Balance is good--workin' on warrior 3. What a practice! Wasn't even going for body change, but now I'm hooked.

I'm so  happy with this investment. My favorite teacher can't believe I'm 60. I look forward to keeping this up into retirement. My body feels so limber and alive. My spirit is joyful being with like-minded people, even when I've been in plank pose for a long time and I'm dripping buckets of sweat.