Early days for startups are tough, so, marketers use social media platforms to advertise their presence. It is famous that social media marketing is a big help in the growth of a startup business. However, when social media is not used correctly, it can damage a start up.


There is no need to get scared of putting out the business on social media. The key to proper success is making the right steps. Knowing the correct usage of social media platforms will help accelerate a startup's growth. If the plan is to use social media to increase the business to a different level, here are some common mistakes to avoid.


Not Having a Proper Plan


Every business starts with a proper plan. Social media marketing isn’t just about getting online, creating accounts and randomly posting stuff about the startup. Keep in mind that before starting to make a name online, there should be a well-thought game plan.


Any social media efforts need to have strategic plans and strong foundation. Included in the plan are the goals while using social media and the details of the resources needed.


Always stay in touch and have real-time updates from the sales and marketing teams. Both teams should be able to identify the demographics of the startup’s target market. If asking for real-time updates, always make sure to discuss any plans to connect and engage with the audience.


Habitually write down the objectives of using social media for marketing. Have a clear target to increase the traditional marketing plan with the use of social media campaign. Lastly, hire someone who will focus on implementing the action to all social media marketing plan.



Not Being Fully Committed to the Plan

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Any plans will be useless if the business isn’t committed. Doing a half-hearted job on committing to the plans will ruin the business. If not committed to the marketing plan, the social media accounts may all be inactive which can cause a bad impression.

Every marketer should know that it's better not to have any Twitter account than having the last tweet dated six months ago.


Keep in mind that social media marketing is not a simple game, but think of it as a competition rather. The results may take too long. However, marketers can try enhancing performance by analyzing metrics, trying to track any competitors, and understanding the audience behaviors.


Keep the fire burning, while focusing on the strategies and exerting enough effort, the social media marketing plan can work.


You Don’t Have a Fixed Social Media Marketing Budget


Just like any normal budget planning, a marketer must work on a detailed social media marketing plan. Budget plans will be a good navigating map for the marketing budget.


For instance, if the business is planning to expand and launch a blog around the second quarter. The marketing plan should consider the budget and time needed to create and build the blog.


Going All-In With the Social Media Platforms

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It is unsurprising when a starting company is eager to get their name out to reach a larger audience. So, they think that opening accounts on the famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the best idea.


But, going all-in is one of the most common marketing mistakes.


Every marketer must be aware that managing a social media account is not an easy task. It requires time to adapt and keep up with one site alone. Say, for example, trying to juggle a single person’s time to maintain seven different social media sites at once is already an almost impossible task.


They can never fully use the site's potential if they try to use such tactic. So, to successfully use social media, choosing one or two platforms is a smart idea. Then if the company grows, the company can hire more people to handle any additional accounts.



Not Responding to Comments


Companies sometimes forget that social media involves being sociable. So when a customer tries to reach the company through a comment, the company must immediately respond thoughtfully. If the company fails to answer inquiries from people, the company may die. People will label the company as a business that is only interested in self-promotion which is a mortal sin for social media marketing.


Haven’t Fully Embraced Less is More

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Though the main purpose of using social media marketing is to gather attention to a service or product, if a social media page doesn't update regularly, people might not even bother to bat an eye at it for no more than a minute.


Besides avoiding posting less, one must also control with the posting. If the company makes it to the point of tweeting every 20 minutes or flood posting pictures, the purpose of the social media will mix up with the clutter.


Knowing the balance and some strategic thinking will be a big help. Always think of definite time on when to update. Make it a routine to stick to schedules so that the audience will know the possible update.





Social media marketing is an excellent way to promote a business. However, it is crucial for the company to make a mistake when using it. The same as having a great impact on success, social media marketing also have a significant impact on destruction.


Learning the do’s and don't's will take time, but the time you spend learning will be a great help to avoid mistakes.



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