This is actually a multi-part question, please share, including any related stories:

1) The art form you practice  most, perhaps  because you're good at it.
2) The art form you 'dabble' in because you're so fond of it.
3)  Is there an art form for  which you're usually 'audience' (reader, viewer count) because you are fascinated with it but feel inept .

For  me those answers are:
1) Writing and photography over a half century doing each and would do even if no-one else every saw my work.
2) Dancing -- I love to dance...closest I ever came to 'studying' it---a triple threat performer boyfriend I had in NYC  back in the late 60's  would  rehearse dance moves he was learning in  my minimally furnished living room--it both impressed and bothered him that I could pick them up quickly just watching him. My furry companions give me odd looks when I dance around  the house---but I still do it.
 3) Singing. While I do sing  at home and in  car and my kids and animals have always seemed to  be 'soothed' by my singing I've been told by many people beginning with my mother (who had a  beautiful voice) that I CAN NOT I don't subject the general public to it...ever.

How about you?