The era of flexibility in working hours has posed a great challenge to the millennial’s. The majority of them prefer working from home rather than daily reporting to the office. There a lot of negative labels on this generation and has reduced their chances of passing job interviews. Even if you are age is between 18 and 35 years, you do not have to act like a millennial during job interviews. Today, we will discuss common mistakes millennial’s make in interview preparation that you need to avoid during your first job interview and how to handle them. 

Inappropriate Social Media Content

Approximately 70% of the Millennials do not get a job offer because of posting inappropriate content on the social media platforms. Today, most employees will always cross check your social media platforms to see what content you share. If it is negative and offensive, you might not receive a call after the interview.

This can be solved by revisiting your social media and remove any negative and inappropriate posts. This should be done before the interview day. There are available applications that can help you wash out your social media by highlighting the negative comments and posts. After this, start being strict with your social media and teach yourself to share positive posts and comments. Also, check your privacy settings to restrict photo tagging.

Inappropriate Dressing

Appearing in front of the interview underdressed or overdressed might make you lose out on the job offer. Dressing creates the first impression that happens by checking on the dressing. Inappropriate dressing including wearing clothes with bright colors, and casual wear among others. 

This mistake can be solved by wearing official clothes that are conservative. For the guys, consider wearing a tie. Wear calm colored clothes and simple accessories to impress the panel. Avoid wearing casual on your job interview.

Not Preparing Questions to Ask in the Interview

The Millennials are considered to be lazy, and the majority of them do not prepare interview questions. The fast growing technology and the internet have made this generation to relax and to wait for miracles without working hard. If you do not have enough questions during the interview, you might as well lose the job opportunity.

This mistake can be solved by carrying out research on right questions to ask during an interview. There is a lot of beneficial content on the internet that can help you master strong interview questions. Memorize several questions including backup questions to avoid silence in the interview room.


No Long-term Commitment

Most employers are looking for long-term employees who will be able to commit for longer durations. Most Millennials prefer short-term employment so that they can be able to switch different jobs. However, potential employers are not willing to invest training resources on people who will not stick around.

The solution to this problem is to demonstrate your willingness for long-term commitment during the interview. Show enthusiasm in the mission and vision of the company and convince the panel that you are the best candidate fit for the job. Demonstrate that you have the passion for growing with the company.

Shallow Research

Most Millennials are lazy in doing their homework. They hardly do a thorough research on the organization and the position to be interviewed. This makes one not able to answer interview questions correctly. Also, some start preparing the night to the interview. You will not be able to retrieve much information during the interview.

You can avoid this by doing a thorough research on the company. Immediately you receive the interview invitation, start preparing. Google about the company and know its values, vision, and mission. Research on the possible questions to be asked about the job position and memorize how to answer such questions. You can also watch audiovisual tutorials on how to respond to questions during an interview and master the technique. Do your homework well, and you will ace the interview. 

You do not have to behave like a Millennial during your first job interview. You are likely to get a job offer on your first interview if you prepare well, dress appropriately, do your homework well, and clean your social media content. Avoiding these mistakes will make you stand out all other interviewers and land your dream job.